Interior Lighting in Ladero Ranch, CA; Types of Indoor Light Fixtures, Dimmer Switches & More

When homeowners want to add or change the lighting in their home, many make the same common mistakes. Most don’t consider how their home’s lighting can affect them and how too little or too much light can quickly become uncomfortable. Peterkin Electric will share some of the common lighting installation mistakes to help homeowners choose the proper and most comfortable lighting for the various areas in their home.

Types of Indoor Lighting & Fixtures

Many homeowners will install row recessed lights to add more light in a room. However, in most cases, recessed light adds too much light, especially in small or brightly colored rooms. Where overhead light often does give enough light, some overhead lighting acts much like lamps which only give light to a small area. When the room is too bright or too dim, it puts a lot of strain on the eyes. Most people will look at light as just light. However light fixtures are designed with a certain purpose. For example, table lamps are often used in bedrooms for soft lighting and for nightly reading. Many bedrooms also have a ceiling light for when additional light is needed or desired. Another type of lighting often used is cabinet lights, which are used for accent lighting. Don’t try to light up your entire kitchen with accent lighting. Accent lights can be used in various places in your home. However, never make that the only light source.

Dimmer Switches & Flexible Lighting

A great alternative for flexible lighting is dimmer switches. Dimmer switches can help provide full light to very low lighting, depending on the lighting needs of the moment. So many homeowners will fill their home with ceiling lights and lamps to change and control the type of lighting they want at the time. However, you can simply rely on a single light source with the aid of dimmer switches. One of the best electrical additions to any home would be dimmer switches.

How Many Lumens Do I Need for a Room?

Another common mistake is choosing light fixtures that are either too big or too small. Never buy fixtures solely on how they would look in your home. See how much light each fixture gives off and pick the one you need for the different spaces in your home. Another major consideration when determining how much light a room needs will depend on the color of the room. Remember light colored walls and ceilings will reflect more light, making the room feel brighter. In many cases, the room becomes too bright when a lot of light is used. On the other hand, dark rooms may require bigger fixtures or more light to help make the room feel more open and comfortable.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Lastly, consider light energy consumption. When choosing light fixtures, most will show the energy ratings. Pick light fixtures with high efficiency. Additionally, switch all your home light bulbs to either CFL or LED bulbs. They are much more energy efficient and last longer. Unfortunately dimmer switches don’t always work with these types of bulbs. However the rest of your home will benefit and so will your wallet by switching to more efficient bulbs.

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