Fall Landscape Lighting Installation in Irvine, CA; Provide Security, Extend Outdoor Living Time & More

The fall season is actually one of the perfect times to have it done, though many homeowners may believe they should wait until spring to install landscape lighting. Landscaping lighting is not only ideal for the curb appeal and improving the aesthetics, but it is a perfect solution to help improve safety and security. If you are considering landscape lighting, consider doing it now during the fall season. Today, we at Peterkin Electric would like to elaborate on why fall is an ideal season to install the landscaping installation.

How Does Light Help in Providing Security & Safety

The safety and security of your home is increased by adding landscape and accent lighting as we mentioned. Tripping hazards and safety risks for you, your family, and guests if the outdoor space is not well lit. In addition to deterring break-ins or home intrusions, providing lighting for your driveways, walkways, and entrances can reduce potential hazards. Even as it begins to get darker earlier, a quality landscape lighting system will make your home feel safe and secure.

Extend Your Outdoor Living Time

Because the cold weather will keep them indoors, the common thought is that homeowners won’t be able to enjoy their landscape lighting if it’s done in the fall. You can make use of and fully enjoy your landscape lighting as it brings you cheer throughout the entire season since it gets dark earlier in the fall and winter, however. For all to see, the quality landscape lighting allows you to illuminate your home and show off its best features.

Add Curb Appeal to House

Adding some beautiful landscape lighting to improve its outdoor aesthetic is a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal. You can expect an average of a 50% return on your investment when you add landscape lighting, no matter if you are looking to sell your home in the future, or simply add equity to your investment.

Outdoor Light Displays

More options for decorating your home can be offered through landscape lights. To add a festive feel for Thanksgiving and Christmas and other Fall / Winter holidays, you can even easily change the lenses of the fixture. Adding landscape lighting this year so you can step up your holiday decorating game and consider.

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When you have professional landscaping design and installation projects in mind in the Greater Los Angeles, California area, the licensed experts of Peterkin Electric are readily available to ensure it is done safely and efficiently. We can help you highlight the exceptional areas of your landscape, offer more effective lighting to illuminate a path in the dark area, as well as give little cover to unsavory characters that might be in the area, which deters criminal activity. Call Peterkin Electric today to discuss your landscape lighting options. We can answer any of your questions as well as address any concerns you may have. Our experts use advanced equipment and products to ensure high-quality results. Contact us today!

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