Electric Car Charging Station Installation in Las Flores, CA; Level 1, Level 2 or Tesla Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers

Chances are you are considering installing an electric charging station or Tesla charging station in your home to conveniently charge your vehicle, no matter if you are fed up with the rising gas prices or simply want to do your part to conserve natural resources and lessen the negative impacts on the eco-system and enjoy the benefits of an electric car. As an EVCS installation provider, we at Peterkin Electric would like to elaborate on electric car charging stations for your Orange County, CA home.

Level 1 VS Level 2 Charging Stations

Being available in 2 levels of voltage, electrical charging stations can be equipped with a Level 1 charger that has a standard of 120 volts or the level 2 charger, which the standard uses 240 volts.
Level 1 EV Chargers: Typically, additional installation is not required with this level since it comes ready to plug into the standard 120-volt wall outlet. However, there is an unfortunate side and that is with the level 1 is that there are no added costs and you do not necessarily need a professional to set the charging system.
Level 2 EV Chargers: This level does require specific installation procedures that are upgraded from the standard wall outlet that only provides 120 volts since level 2 utilize 240 Volts of electricity, which has faster charging time as a big advantage. From breaker panel to the charging location is where the volts run. To double the circuit voltage to 240 volts a “double-pole” circuit breaker is attached to two 120-volt buses at once using a 4-strand cable. In order to accommodate a compatible interface, homeowners often need to the replace the breaker box entirely along with the additional wiring. Especially if it is being installed outdoors at any point, the professionals will ensure that it is properly insulated and secured to prevent any damage to your electrical systems as well as ensure the details of the 4-strand cable installation are done. Where you want the vehicle to be charged where then the 240-volt cable is attached is the location the charging unit is mounted for the final step of installation. Because the charging unit is a safe holding location for the charge current as well, the electricity doesn’t travel through until it senses that your charger is connected to your car’s charging port. To make certain that the installation is done safely and efficiently, since there is no room for error as a DIY project, it is critical you hire a professional for installing your Level 2 EV Charger.
Tesla Charging Station – As a specific brand of energy Tesla energy is utilized for fully electric vehicles designed for everyday use. When compared to other vehicle options, they are a high-functioning and far more economical. To charge their vehicle into a standard electrical outlet, people who opt in these vehicles do get an adapter. You can expect faster charging time and the charge will even last longer when you invest in a Tesla wall connector. For superior expedited charging time, the Tesla Supercharger is an exceptional investment. Professional installation is not only important, but also required when you install a Tesla charging station.

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If you are looking to install an electric car charging station in your California home, call in the experts of Peterkin Electric and let our certified electricians ensure the job is done safely and with long-term efficiency.

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