Fun Electricity Facts in Westminster, CA; Positive & Negative Charges, Volts, Amperes & More

Within the majority of modern societies around the world, electricity is depended upon. With the many different applications of electricity found in nature and harnessed for domesticated use through the countless ways electricity contributes to everyday living, it can be more than interesting. Electricity should never be taken for granted as it is a powerful force. Having a skilled electrician take care of the electrical upgrades, repairs, replacements, and installations is vital to avoid serious harm or damage. The qualified professionals of Peterkin Electric are eager to deliver a high standard in services for our valuable clients and no matter how big or small your electrical projects are, you can count on us to get the job done right, safely and efficiently. In regard to electricity, both natural and produced forms of it, we at Peterkin Electric would like to share some fun and interesting facts.

Important & Interesting Facts About Electricity

1) When there are two positive charges that meet or two negative charges, they will repel off of each other, however there is an attraction between a negative charge and a positive charge combine.
2) A leading source for producing electricity is coal. Coal is able to produce electricity from when the coal that is burned in furnaces that boil water. The steam created spins turbines that are attached to generators, creating the electricity.
3) By electricity, muscle cells in your heart will contract. A valuable tool in the medical field is the ECG (electrocardiogram) machines, which measures the electricity going through your heart. A line moving across the screen with regular spikes as your heart beats is displayed through the help of the ECG machine.
4) In many ways Benjamin Franklin conducted extensive electrical research in the 18th century. Accomplished through his work were many electrical discoveries including the lightening rod. Through a grounded wire, the lightening rod conducts a lightning strike in order to protect buildings from the lightening strikes.
5) Volts are used to measure the electrical potential and the amps measures the electric current.
6) The speed of light is how fast electricity travels, moving at incredible 186,00 miles per hour.
7) The lightning is actually a discharge of electricity in the atmosphere where it can reach temperatures up to 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit, lightning bolts move at approximately 130,00 miles an hour.
8) Electric eels can deliver 500 volts to their victims and threats as they use it to catch prey with hunting or as a self-defense tactic.
9) When a bird perches on one power line, it does not get electrocuted; as many people may have noticed. However, they can be electrocuted if they create an open circuit as they flap awing, or something similar occurs, and the line they are on gets knocked into another power line.

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Where electricity can be an interesting thing, it needs to be respected. Be sure to always practice care when dealing with electricity. If you need any maintenance, repairs, upgrades, installations, or replacement services, call Peterkin Electric today and let us do the rest.

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