Health & Other Benefits of Adding Overhead Lighting in Your Bedroom, Living Room & Home in Irvine, CA

When you are originally shopping for your home you may not notice the amount of lighting that each room has. Most people are paying so much attention to the layout of the house that they do not stop to think about whether it has adequate lighting in it. If you purchase a brand new home, the amount of lighting that the builder has in the model is frequently not the same amount of lighting that comes standard in the house. If you are currently living in a home that does not have the amount of lighting in it that you would prefer you should definitely consider having Peterkin Electric come out and add some extra lighting. There are many different benefits that come from having additional lighting in your home. Today we are going to highlight some of our favorite reasons for you.

Add Overhead Lighting to a Room Previously Without

One very common reason that people add lighting to their home is to add overhead lighting in an area where no overhead lighting was originally installed. Frequently home builders do not install overhead lighting in bedrooms unless a lighting upgrade is purchased. You may think that this will not bother you because you can use lamps to light the room. For most people lamps simply do not provide enough light to the room though. Adding overhead lighting in a room will be a large improvement over the lamps that you may be currently using.

Install Recessed Lights

In addition to installing lights to rooms that do not have any overhead lighting, homeowners regularly add more lighting to a space that has lighting already. Adding lighting helps open up the room. Your space will feel bigger with more lighting. When we add lighting that already has lighting we regularly add recessed, or canned, lighting. Recessed lighting is set into the ceiling so it does not add visual clutter to your room.

Health Benefits of Natural & Artificial Light

You may be surprised at our next benefit of adding more lighting to your home. Did you know that adding lighting can improve your health? There are many health benefits that come from both natural and artificial light. Symptoms of depression can be lessened when you have more lighting in your home. Light helps your brain produce more serotonin and less melatonin. This reduces symptoms of depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorders, and depression during pregnancy.

Decorative Lighting Fixtures

Adding lighting can also be a way to make a decorative statement in your home. There are thousands of different lights to choose from. If you want your light to add to your farmhouse décor there are tons to choose from. If you want a modern light fixture you can easily find one of those as well. Let your lighting be part of your decorating by having Peterkin Electric come out and install overhead lighting in your home.

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After reading these benefits of adding overhead lighting you may be nervous that having Peterkin Electric come out and install this lighting is going to be expensive. We find that most of our customers are pleased to discover that installing additional overhead lighting is not as expensive as you might think. Give us a call today and we can discuss pricing with you.

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