How Does an Outdoor Light Sensor Work in Las Flores, CA? How to Fix when Not Turning On or Working

There are lots of ways you can use electricity in and around your home. When it comes to the electricity in your house it all goes through the circuit board that is often found in the garage or on the outside of the house. You are using outlets, switches, fixtures and more to make life easier. There are other areas of using electricity that can be set to function on its own. One of the things that is commonly found in most homes are light sensors. The light sensors are a great way to use electricity and not have to worry about turning on the fixtures. You want to make sure you understand your light sensors and when you need to have them repaired or replaced. Peterkin Electric outlines the basics of light sensors below.

How Do Light Sensors Work?

When it comes to a light sensor they are a unit that is used to give a fixture the timer to tell it when it needs to turn on and off. The sensor collects the light during the day and has a sensor to let it know when the light has reached a point that it can turn the fixture on. When it comes to light it is harder to judge and collect. There are two types of light that can be tested or given off and that is lumens and lux. That is what makes it hard to measure and collect when it comes with a sensor. The other aspect is that the sun is not always out in full force and can confuse when light is needed. The light sensor is calibrated to a particular fixture and will let it know when it is needed. This is a great addition to any home and if you are lacking you can talk to an electrician about installing them at your home.

Purpose of a Light Sensor

If you are not sure what you could use a sensor for there are several ways that they are used. Many people have their address light that is wired into a light sensor. This will ensure your address number is lit up at night. They also will use them for some of the other lighting structures on the outside of the house. This might include your coach lights and even a part of the landscape lighting. The great thing is that if the sensor is placed in the right position they can be your switch and make sure that your lights come on when they need to.

Outdoor Light Sensor Not Working?

The problem is that when you are relying on the light sensor you may not recognize when there is a problem. The sensor is doing your job for you and that means that you might not notice when the lights are no longer coming on. If you are starting to notice that the lights are not coming on when they are supposed to it can mean that the sensor is bad. You want to make sure that any abnormal adjustment of the lights is addressed by a professional.

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