Holiday Electrical Troubleshooting in North Tustin, CA; Outlet Sparks & Smokes, Not Enough Power, No GFCI & More

During the holiday season it is easy to say it is one of the most demanding times of year for your home’s electrical system. With lights and decorations covering the inside and outside of the home, all demanding electricity, it comes as no surprise you will run into a few electrical problems. Not only will the home electrical system run into problems, but some of them can also have disastrous results. Peterkin Electric would like to help troubleshoot some of the common electrical problems created by the holiday season and how to correct them and ensure the home’s safety.

Plugs Keep Falling Out of Electrical Outlets

At times when you begin to decorate your home for the holidays, you have an outlet or two where the plug keeps falling out. When the outlets are loose and the plug easily falls out and becomes unplugged, this is a sign that you need to replace your outlets. However, before you run out and buy new outlets, inspect the plug first and see if they are bent apart or out of shape. Sometimes the plugs are the problem. However loose outlets may be the culprit and is a common problem.

Sparks from Electrical Outlet

When plugging in your holiday décor it is never a good sign to see sparks coming from the outlets or burn marks. This is a sign that there is a problem with the outlet and possibly the wiring connection is loose or there is a power surge effect on the circuit. Both are bad and demand a proper inspection and possible outlet replacement and or wiring repair.

Not Enough Power for Appliances & Devices

Most modern homes are designed with a 200 amp electrical system which usually provides enough power for all of your daily uses and enough to spare for the holidays. However, if you discover you do not have enough power and are tempted to use power strips throughout the home, be cautious. When their isn’t enough outlets this can indicate that you have less than 200 amps and may need to consider upgrading your home electrical system. Avoid over burdening your electrical system as that is the number one cause of electrical related house fires. Another sign you may not have enough amps for you daily needs and holiday displays are frequent short circuits. If you have one or more circuit lines cutting out and tripping the breaker, then you are over exceeding your power limit. Again, if you experience breaker tripping either upgrade your home electrical system or down grade your holiday display.

No GFCI Outlets Outside

When stringing up lights outside the home, all of the outlets should be a GFCI. Older homes may not have these outlets present outside which can be a major fire hazard. GFCI outlets are essential for the home’s safety. When hanging up lights or other electrical displays, make sure to use GFCI outlets. You may need to replace the exterior outlets if GFCI are not present.

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