Signs You Should Replace Your Electrical Panel in Rossmoor, CA; Flickering Lights, Circuit Breaker Tripping & More

The electrical panel in your home is the central place that the electricity is brought in from the national grid. The electrical panel is full of switches that are circuit breakers. These circuit breakers are there to disconnect circuits in the case that a power surge happens. They are put in place to protect your home and appliances from these dangerous surges that can end up ruining your electronics as well as your appliances. Most people don’t think much about their electrical panel until there is a problem with it. Peterkin Electric is here to talk about some signs you should be looking for that indicate you are in need of an electrical panel replacement.

Multiple Lights Flickering in House

It’s normal to have a light that flickers every now and then as a light bulb is on the fritz. However, if you notice that you have several lights that are flickering whenever an appliance kicks on to start working, you could have a problem with your electrical panel. If you are living in an older home, it simply wasn’t built to handle the electrical demands that we frequently place on it daily. When your electrical panel isn’t capable of handling the electrical demands of your home, you will start noticing things like flickering lights. It means you need a newer, updated electrical panel that is capable of the electrical loads needed to run your home.

Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

As your electrical panel gets older, it will start to experience more frequent power surges. When you have breakers that are constantly tripping, it can also be a sign that your electrical needs are more than your panel can handle as well. This is a problem that will become increasingly more obnoxious until you change out the electrical panel and upgrade it.

Signs of Fire in Your Electrical Box

Just like anything else, as the wires in your panel get older, they start showing signs of breaking down. These small fires burn out rather quickly so it’s unlikely you will be able to see them or notice them until you are right there by your box. However, you will be able to smell something burning and can sometimes see charred marks on the wires. Obviously, this is extremely dangerous, and you will need to call on professionals right away if you notice this is happening in your home.

Residential Fuse Box

Your home shouldn’t have a fuse box but rather an electrical panel. The circuits in these old fuse boxes are extremely difficult to trip and a serious hazard in your home. If you still have a fuse box rather than a panel, you need to have it replaced ASAP.

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If you notice any of these signs in your home, you can call on the professionals at Peterkin Electric to solve your electrical panel problems today!

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