How Do You Know when a Circuit Breaker Goes Bad in Coto de Caza, CA? Burning Smell, Old Panel & More

A home’s electrical safety system is the breakers. The breakers control the amount of voltage that travels through the individual circuits. When there is a power surge, the breaker is designed to quickly shut off to prevent an electrical fire. When the breakers fail to respond to a power surge your home is at risk. It is important to monitor your breakers to ensure they are in good condition and able to perform their needed task. Peterkin Electric would like to share some signs that a breaker is failing or has failed to help you know when to seek professional assistance and when to replace the breakers.

Electrical Panel has a Burning Smell & Signs of Heating

When performing a basic inspection of the electrical panel that houses the breakers, you might notice a burning smell which is not a good sign. A burning smell from inside the panel is due to overheating. Overheating occurs when there is a power surge that is constantly affecting the breakers. Eventually the breaker will wear down and begin to heat up. You may not only detect a burning smell, but you may also see physical signs of the overheating. You may also see a burnt mark or melting on a breaker. When you have a burning smell, you see burnt marks or some melting on a breaker, you will need to have the breakers replaced. Additionally, you will want to investigate the source of the power surge to stop a circuit from overheating to ensure better electrical safety.

Frequent Tripping & Breaker Fails to Reset

When you have a breaker that frequently trips, yet you know for a fact you are not over loading the breaker, this could be a sign the breaker is wearing out. For those who know never to over load a breaker yet it continues to trip, this is a sign of an old and worn out breaker. Another sign the breaker may be too worn out is that you will not be able to reset the breaker once it has tripped. However, a breaker that fails to reset can also be due to damaged wiring within the wall. You will need to have the wiring checked if a new breaker behaves the same way.

Old Electrical Panel & Circuit Breaker Upgrade

When you have an older electrical panel, sometimes that is sign enough to have the entire electrical panel replaced. You can replace and upgrade the electrical panel and all of the breakers. Older homes often have outdated electrical wiring and breakers. You can improve your home electrical capacity and improve the electrical safety. If you have an electrical system that is over 15 to 20 years old, have it inspected by a professional electrician. They can come and inspect the home electrical panel and the electrical system. If you find your electrical is severely outdated, have the electrical panel and wiring updated.

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When you have a breaker that is showing signs of failure it is imperative to have the breaker replaced to ensure the home’s safety. For electrical inspection, repairs, or more, contact Peterkin Electric today.

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