How Do You Put Out an Electrical Fire in Your Huntington Beach, CA Home? Disconnect Electricity & More

Though still potentially unpredictable, electricity and other systems can be managed. Since they can certainly reduce the risk, an electrical fire can ignite no matter the upgrades and the adequacy of your electrical system under the right conditions. To prevent injury and extensive property damage, being prepared to extinguish the electrical flames is necessary. Addressing how to put out an electrical fire and share some preventive measures is what we at Peterkin Electric would like to discuss today.

Electrical & Fire Safety

Especially if the electrical fire is growing rapidly and you are unable to cut the electricity off, you need to put your safety first. Let the dispatcher know you are experiencing an electrical fire as you make certain you call for backup right away by dialing 911. Be sure there are two safe and clear pathways you can take before attempting to put out the flames. Immediately evacuate if either if these paths become obstructed in any way, or it is unsafe to approach. The risk of your life is simply not worth it.

Disconnect Electricity Immediately

You need to disconnect the electrical source of the fire. Promptly unplug it if it is an appliance that is the source, for instance. Make certain to disconnect the electricity to your home if the source cannot be unplugged. Turn the power off if you can safely reach the electrical panel. You will not to be exposed to potential electrocution and the source of the fire is cut off.

How Do You Address a Small Electrical Fire?

Generously toss baking soda on the flames after you’ve unplugged the power source, presuming the fire started with appliance or overloaded cord. Baking soda contains the chemical compound sodium bicarbonate, present in Class C fire extinguishers. Having an open box of baking soda in reaching distance can be a lifesaver if a small appliance like a toaster or crockpot bursts into flames.

Do NOT Use Water on an Electrical Fire

While the power is still active, you must resist your first impulse to use water to extinguish electrical fires, of any size. You risk severe electrocution as water conducts electricity should you toss water onto the flames.

After the Power is Off, Put Out Electrical Fires

Once the electricity is shut is disconnected, there are more options available to combat the flames. A fire blanket can also be useful to smother the flames if you don’t have a fire extinguisher. The fire blankets stifle the oxygen a fire needs to burn and will put it out entirely in the event the fire is small enough. As long as your confident the power is off, water is an option if you do not have access to a fire blanket or extinguisher, or even baking soda. Until it is completely out using large buckets of water or the spray nozzle from the kitchen sink, douse the fire with as much water as possible.

How Do You Prevent Electrical Fires in Your Home?

When dealing with electrical fires, prevention is most ideal. To reduce the risk of an electrical fire, having annual electrical system inspections every year can help. Early signs of potential threats can be spotted with a licensed electrician.

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You can significantly reduce the risk of an electrical fire, with upgrades, replacements, and repairs, with the help of your electrician. To ensure efficiency and safety, call Peterkin Electric today and let us inspect your home or business’s electrical system.

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