What Electricity is Essential for an Outdoor Kitchen in Fullerton, CA; Amps to Run Appliances & More

Being beneficial, trending, and even add value to your home, outdoor kitchens out a lot of time, effort, and money into their outdoor kitchens. During the planning, electrical features will need to function efficiently. The electrical aspect of outdoor kitchen needs to be on point for functionality safety. If not done correctly, it could result in injury or create a potentially fire hazard. Because they feel ill-prepared to take on the challenges associated with the electrical portion of their project when starting such a project many homeowners prefer to speak with an electrician, which is a smart choice. Today, we at Peterkin Electric would like to share the electric essentials you should consider if you’re thinking or preparing to add an outdoor kitchen to your home.

How Many Amps Does an Outdoor Kitchen Need to Run Appliances?

It is crucial to determine your electric needs as you begin designing your outdoor kitchen. Consider in the number of outdoor appliances you will want, and additional outlets you would want installed. You need to decide if you want ceiling fans, how much outdoor lighting, and other such features. Decide what you want ahead of time so you can discuss your vision for the project more confidently before speaking with an electrician. Without this kind of preparation, it can be challenging to ask key questions and accurately gauge the scope of your project and the overall cost.

Do Outdoor Kitchens Need Planning Permission?

Check with your city building department before you move forward with constructing your outdoor kitchen. What permits, if any, are required and the process you must go through to secure and pay for them is something you need to know. All the plumbing and electric work as well all need to be included in permits that apply to construction of the outdoor kitchen itself. To ensure an addition, like a new kitchen, is built according to safety codes, many cities may also require an electrical safety inspection. Safety concerns in the future and even result in substantial fines from code enforcement can be caused by failure to obtain the required permits and/or inspections.

Does a GFCI Need to Be On a Dedicated Circuit?

To protect against electric shock risk, a GFCI outlet, otherwise known as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets. In areas with water nearby, such as in a kitchen, bathroom, garage, or outdoor kitchen, it is imperative to install GFCI outlets. Because they monitor the amount of electricity flowing within a specific circuit, GFCI outlets are needed within kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and outdoor kitchens. They shut down as a safety precaution when they detect an imbalance. The risk of electric shock or fires is prevented. GFCI outlets must be installed by a licensed professional when setting up an outdoor kitchen.

Tapping Into the Electrical Panel

Tapping into your existing electric system is required when bringing power to your outdoor kitchen. You’ll have to determine what path you will use to get electricity from your home to your kitchen outside since there are several ways this can be done, however. From your circuit breaker panel to the location of your outdoor kitchen, you will need to map a route. Depending on the location of your panel box and your kitchen, this planning can get a little tricky and involved. If this makes it easier to access the electricity from your home, you may be faced with a decision to move or alter slightly the site of your kitchen when deciding the best way is to get the electricity to your outdoor kitchen. This is when consulting with an experienced electrician can really prove beneficial. The pros and cons of your planned location, offer advice, suggestions, and maybe even a better option can be offered when consulting with a pro.

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