How to Check Electrical Wiring in Your Santa Ana, CA Home; Test Outlets & Lights, Inspect Cords & More

More people are staying home, working from home and spending time in the house than they used to. It seemed that your home used to be a place to stop to sleep and maybe spend a lazy Sunday together. Now it has become the place that you work, go to school and even just hang out. This means that you can take time to care for your home in new ways. It is important to that you take time to look for signs that your home is in need of repairs or upgrades. One area of the house that can use some looking into is the electrical system. This is something that should be checked over and looked at to ensure that the system is safe. You might not be sure what it takes to check your electrical system since you are not a professional electrician but there are some things that you can do. You are getting some ideas on if your system is in need of inspection and repair. These checks can alert you to call out a professional electrician to get your electrical system up to code. Peterkin Electric outlines what to check regarding your electrical system.

Test Electrical Outlets for Shorts, Continuity etc

Homes are outfitted with outlets in each and every room so that you can use them to power up the devices and appliances you need. Some of these outlets may not be used very often or ever and an issue can go unnoticed for some time. One of the things that you can do now that you are spending more time at home is to go around from room to room and check these outlets. There are special tools that you can use from a home improvement store that show if the outlet is working or not but you can simply plug something in to see if it works. Make a list of outlets that either do not work or feel like they might be loose. The plug should go in and stay put and if it seems that the plug falls out with ease you may need to have it replaced. If you find any outlets that are not working or are loose be sure that you call out a professional to make the necessary repairs.

Check Lights & Fixtures

Another area of the electrical system that you can check while you are home is to look at your lights and your fixtures. They should be able to turn on and stay on without any issues. If you start to notice there are lights that are flickering or not giving off the light that it used to then you may need to have an electrician out. If they are flickering it can be a sign that there are wires that are not secure and can be loose which then becomes a fire hazard.

Electrical Cord Inspection

You also want to make sure that anything that you have plugged in has a good and secure cord. The cord that is being used should not have any damage such as frayed areas or prongs that might be loose on the end. If you notice that any of the cords are not in good shape it is important to remove them and replace them right away.

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