Signs of Electrical Problems in My Old House in Orange, CA; Backstab Wires, No GFCI Outlets & More

When it comes to the electrical system, an older home can become a nightmare. In an older home, there can be many different electrical problems that will demand correction. Overtime changes to improving the reliability and safety of the electrical system have been put in place and are now code. For those who are living in a home built in the late 1970’s or before, the electrical system may not be up to code and is at risk. Peterkin Electric will cover some of the common wiring and electrical problems in older home.

Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring was used across America and even to this day. However, the use of aluminum wiring is very limited and you will not see it much in the state of California. Aluminum wiring is not very corrosion resistant. Due to California’s climate, aluminum wiring can corrode very quickly, leading to a number of different hazards. Owing to the corrosion rate of aluminum wiring, they are no longer in high use and should not be in modern homes. However, regulation on aluminum wiring wasn’t put in place until the late 1970’s early 1980’s. Older homes can potentially be using aluminum wiring. If aluminum wiring is discovered in a home it should be removed and new copper wiring should take its place to prevent corrosion and other electrical hazards.

Backstab Wires

Older homes often have light switches or outlets that have been installed with a “backstabbed” method which is very hazardous. Backstabbed is when the wires are pushed into the back of a switch or outlet instead of being connected to the screw terminals. It is important that outlets or light switches are properly installed and not with the backstabbed method to ensure the safety of the household.

No GFCI Outlets

In older homes GFCI outlets may not be installed anywhere, which is not a good thing. Since 1971, GFCI outlets was established as a requirement in all homes. GFCI outlets are installed in the bathroom or near water features such as sinks and faucets. GFCI outlets should also be used for exterior outlets. GFCI outlets are designed to respond quicker to electrical anomalies such as moisture exposure to electricity. If water causes a surge of power, the outlet will shut off the flow of power, kind of like a breaker tripping. GFCI outlets are necessary to ensure safety and prevent harm and even death.

Not Enough Outlets

Older homes were designed with much less amps and less circuits that run through the home, resulting in fewer outlets. When you notice that you do not have enough outlets throughout the home, you home may have an older electrical design and less amps. In addition of not having enough outlets, you may frequently trip your breaker in the attempt to power up all modern devices or appliances.

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When older homes have a number of electrical problems, know that some can be hazardous while others are more inconvenient. Luckily, most electrical problems can be corrected and improved. For electrical services contact Peterkin Electric today.

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