How to Fix a Flickering Lights Electrical Problem in Irvine, CA; In One Room or Whole House

Flickering lights can be an annoying distraction to some where others may not notice the subtle strobe effect. However, the fluctuating lights are actually a sign that there is an issue with the circuitry or light fixtures. Depending on the underlying source of the problem, if the issue isn’t corrected it could lead to serious safety concerns. Today, we at Peterkin Electric would like to elaborate on flickering lights.

Flickering Lights Meaning

To some extent, all lights flicker, and it is based on the amount of power that comes in through the lines that lead into your home. Providing that the lights flicker flash regularly, it generally signifies connection or power use problems. Situational flickering, such as when a major appliance powers up and the lights flicker when that occurs, suggest that there is an issue with the power supply. The reason being is that whatever is powering up is siphoning the electric supply from the lights to power on. Generally a temporary issue, but it indicates the amperage is at the maximum.

Lights Flickering in One Room

If the lights are flickering in unrelated issues to large appliances kick starting on, than another problem is brewing; likely either the electrical panel or the meter. A simple solution in the event the light in a room dims but other lights don’t is the light bulb itself or the socket. A confirmation of flickering light isolated to one room, than it is likely a bad bulb, if replacing the bulbs doesn’t resolve the flickering, the circuits will need the attention of an electrician.

Troubleshooting Flickering Lights in House

Troubleshooting flickering lights can pose problematic depending on the type of bulb. Both LED bulbs and fluorescent light bulbs have a tendency to flicker though LED is the upgraded bulb and made with high-quality standards. Because they are different types of lights, there are different causes to the flicker, resulting in specific methods to remedy it.
Fluorescent Bulbs – Troubleshooting flickering fluorescent bulbs is generally due to the starter in an old fixture wearing out, or the light bulb is at the end of its use. If you have the equipment and are electrical savvy, you can test both the bulb and fixture to determine which is the culprit and get it replaced.
LED Light Bulbs – Troubleshooting the LED flicker is not as challenging as you may suppose. Dark spots just is warning that the light bulb needs replacing. The flicker however, is suggesting that the voltage changes in the power supply to the light. The light bulb isn’t compatible with the connecting switch, like a dimmer switch for example.

How to Repair Flickering Lights

Eliminating flickering lights altogether is near impossible, but you can definately significant reduce the frequency it occurs as well avoid putting your home at risk of fires and other hazards regarding the wiring and circuits. Fluorescent lights that flicker will be better off by replacing the fixture. Keep in mind these lights are being phased out and being replaced with the more energy efficient LED light. In the event the LED light is flickering the power supply is the best place to start. Check to see if they are connected to the air conditioning power supply, where these repairs can get a little tricky, it might be best to contact an electrician.

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If you have flickering lights that continue to be a distraction in your home, call the experts of Peterkin Electric and let our electricians find the source and make the necessary repairs to get your home properly lit.

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