How to Protect Your Child from Electric Shock in Fountain Valley, CA; Outlet Safety Plug Covers & More

We have all grown up knowing that if you stick your finger in a socket you will get a shock. Was this just something that people said to keep you away or is there an actual chance that you could be shocked? The fact is that you can be shocked if you make bad choices around anything that is full of electricity. The electricity that is run through your home should be safe as long as it is in good working condition. If there is any damage at all there is a chance that the electrical current is not protected. Most adults are fully aware that they need to use caution when using and being around electrical currents. The issue is when a child that is not knowledgeable enough makes a bad choice. They can be injured by playing with an electrical outlet.

Peterkin Electric Outlines the Best Ways to Keep Your Child Protected from an Electrical Shock

Outlet Safety Plug Covers: When you start to realize that your toddler is walking around and can get into everything baby proofing goes a long way. There are several areas of the house that are needing your attention which will include the outlets. The outlets are at the level that even a crawling baby can gain access too. The interest in them and the things that may fit in the outlet is enticing to a toddler and even child. That is why you want to be sure that you use a plastic cover. The plastic is not a conductor of electricity and that is why it is safe to install in the outlet. You want to purchase enough to take care of all the outlets in the house even if they are up higher like in a bathroom. As the child gets older they are able to get the higher outlets.
Don’t Leave Broken Outlet Un-Repaired: The next way that you child might be shocked is when you leave an outlet or other fixture that is damaged. The outlet should not be damaged and if it is then there could be a problem. You want to be sure that if the outlet plate is broken or the fixture is broken you have it replaced right away.
Teach Electrical Safety Tips at Home: Lastly you want to make sure that you start to teach your kids about safety. Just like when you teach a child about crossing the street it is important to add electrical safety too. The outlets are off limits and you want to make sure they know that they should never place anything in or near the outlets. You can also talk to them about leaving lights on unnecessarily and also about plugging things in. As they get older you want to talk to them about what to plug in and not to overload the outlet even with a power strip. Learning these facts early is a great way to build knowledge when dealing with electricity.

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