How to Hang Outdoor String Lights on Deck, Covered Patio or Backyard in Fountain Valley, CA

Nothing finishes off your patio or deck like a few strings of outdoor string lights. The ambiance they create can be magical when hung correctly. If you are looking for a way to up your entertaining game or the perfect touch to finish off your dinner party, consider adding outdoor string lights to your outdoor space. Peterkin Electric is here to share some tips to help you hang outdoor string lights over your deck or patio.

Outdoor Lighting Design Layout

There are several ways to hang your outdoor string lights. The process will be much less painful if you have a layout in mind before starting the hanging process. Here are a few layout ideas for your string lights:
V-Pattern: This is a beautiful pattern in any setting. The V pattern doesn’t need to have equal lengths to look good either. Just make sure the lights have been anchored sufficiently at the meeting point of the V to offer the support needed.
Zig Zag: For a full light coverage pattern, the zig zag is always a great choice. With the use of several strings, this is an easily attainable layout.
X Pattern: The X is great when you want to put the focus on the center of the patio or deck. You can always use more strings to make more than one X over the space as well.
Square/Grid: Outline the perimeter of your patio or deck with your lights. You can also create a grid pattern to truly illuminate the space.

Tips for Hanging Outdoor String Lights in Backyard

Hanging outdoor string lights can be a challenge. When you follow these tips, you will find that you can successfully hang them and enjoy them throughout the summer season.
1. Remove Bulbs Before Hanging– When you are trying to hang outdoor string lights that have glass bulbs, removing them will make the process much easier. You won’t have to worry about breaking bulbs in the process.
2. Coaxial Staples to Anchor– If you are securing your lights to wood or trees, using coaxial staples will work best to anchor them and support them. They are available for purchase at your local hardware store.
3. Secure Connectors– If you are using more than one string of lights, it is important that you secure the connectors. The connectors that plug the two strands together will need to be able to support the weight of the lights. Using electrical tape that matches the color of the cord will be discreet and keep the two strands together.
4. Draping Lights– Outdoor string lights often look best with a small amount of slack in the strings as they hang. If the hanging points at the beginning and the end are the exact same height, it will offer the right amount of slack in the string of lights.

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