Mood Effect of Blue, Red, Yellow & Different Colored Lights on Humans in Irvine, CA

It seems that homeowners and business owners are doing what they can to create a mood in their space. The mood can be created with several aspects. One happens to be the décor that you choose, the temperature that you keep the space and one that might surprise you. The color of the lights that you choose can have a huge effect on how you feel. You might not even think through the process of looking for bulbs in your home or office. You just head to the store and you buy the type that was already in the fixture. If you are looking to add more lighting to your home or office it is a good idea to know what kind is best and of course the mood that a color light might bring to the space.

Peterkin Electric Outlines How Light Color Affect One’s Mood

White Light: The first light that you should know about is using white as a color of light in your house. When you want t a space to feel more sanitary and clean then white light is the way to go. This is the same type of lighting that you will see when there is a baby commercial or a cleaning commercial. They want you to subconsciously feel the cleanliness that a white light will bring.
Blue Light: The next type of light that you might see and is available to you is a blue light. This color is used more and more and is great when you want to offer calmness and trust. This type of light is used when a baby is born and is the perfect color to wake up to. There are sensors in the eye that sensitive to blue light in a god way. The blue light is a way to get back on your normal schedule and feel like you are caught up on sleep. There has also been studies that have shown that the use of blue light increases blood flow and will help you feel awake and alive.
Yellow Light: The next color light that you are sure to see a lot of is a yellow light. More people have moved away from yellow lights but it is a great option. The color yellow overall invokes joy and happiness to a person. People choose to use this color for paint on their walls and of course the lights in the house. The yellow color is also great at creating a space that you want to feel warm and inviting. Like the light from the sun this color will create warmth and happiness.
Purple Lights: You can even go with a color light that is a little more unique. The color purple is a royal color and can create a space that makes people focus on wisdom and inspiration. These may be harder to come by but might be perfect for particular rooms in your home.

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