How to Know if You Need a Electrical Panel or Other Upgrades to Your Costa Mesa, CA Home?

There are many red flags that suggest your home is in need of electrical repairs or upgrades. When your home demonstrates these signs, you and your home’s safety is at risk. Whether your home is older, or you recently moved into home a that can no longer accommodate your needs, investing in professional repair and/or upgrades is essential. Today, we at Peterkin Electric would like to share the most common signs your home needs electrical repairs or upgrades.

Signs You Need Electrical Repairs or Upgrades

1) Light switch feels warm or hot. Though light switches are rather simple, there may be a time you may find that your switches feel hot when you turn the lights off. Electrical overload is the prime reason for this, though there are other issues that can cause it as well. In any case, if this issue isn’t rectified soon, it can lead to an electrical fire.
2) Electrical outlets are burnt & scorched. Minor yellowing and staining on your outlets can be due to the dirt, dust, grease, and grime. However, a brown discoloration, charring or soot on the outlet is an indication of a small fire ignited inside the wall.
3) Circuit breaker keeps tripping. Your electrical circuit is protected by circuit breakers from overloads. The wires stop or “trips” the power before damage occurs when the breaker senses excess electricity flowing. The occasional trip shows that your circuit breaker is doing its job however, frequent tripping indicates a deeper problem.
4) Flickering lights. Lights flicker for a number of reasons, from flickering in the one room, flickering when a major appliance flips on, flickering throughout the home, and flicker throughout the home. You should always exercise caution around flickering lights and talk to an electrician about the problem no matter the reasons.
5) Light bulbs blowing. When you notice that the bulbs burnout more frequently than normal, there are many things that are likely the cause. Replacing the bulb frequently can lead to increased energy use and faulty wiring that can potentially lead to fires.
6) High electric bills. The electric bills reflect your daily living. However, when you start to notice unusual energy spikes that do not add up to the use, the electrical system is consuming more energy than it should. Poor wiring, inadequate supply for the demand, are just a few examples as to how the energy increases.

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These are just a few indicators that the electrical system is in need of repairs or upgrades. You need professional experts to perform the repairs or upgrades for electrical system. Not only can you avoid major safety hazards, but your electrical system can better accommodate the demand of the electrical needs of your home and lifestyle. Additionally, you can reduce the electric bills month to month. When you see these red flags, call Peterkin Electric today and let our experts help you get your homes electrical system back up to par. Our experts are qualified electricians and are readily available to help make the repairs and upgrades you need.

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