Smart Home Electrical Improvements in Fountain Valley, CA; Upgraded Panel, Wiring & More

Getting a bigger tax return than you expected can help remind you of all the things you can do with it. When you’re making those decisions, try and do things that will provide you with a double edged return on investment. One way to get a good return on investment is to have some improvements made on your homes electrical system. These improvements will increase the value of your home, which is a good thing if you ever plan on selling it.

Smart Home Electrical Improvements

1. An upgraded electrical panel. This improvement will change the safety in your home in a big way. More so if you live in an older home or you have noticed signs that it’s time for an upgrad, like flickering lights for example. Other than older electrical panels, there are some that have been recalled and need to be changed ASAP. These include: Zinsco, I-T-E, GTE/Sylvania/Federal Pacific, Pushmatic electrical panels and split buss panels. Even newer panels may not be able to keep up with the electrical demands in your home and should be replaced. An electrician can help you determine if your current panel is up to the task.
2. Updated lighting in the kitchen. Kitchens are the most used rooms in a home, making a kitchen remodel a smart move if you have some extra money. If you can’t afford the entire remodel, just update the lighting for a fresher-looking kitchen.
3. Other electrical wiring upgrades in the kitchen. On top of lighting, switches, outlets and other wiring in the kitchen could use an update for better use. Have electrical issues in the kitchen taken care of to make it safer and a lot easier to use too. Replace older appliances with newer, more efficient ones. Just make sure the current wiring can support them. This improvement will boost the electrical efficiency in your home and the value of it.
4. Updated lighting in the bathroom. Home buyers like to see improvements in the bathrooms of a home. Consider recessed lighting or replace old light fixtures with new ones for a brighter and refreshed bathroom.
5. Replacing electrical switches and outlets. The safety of the electrical system in your home can be improved very quickly by replacing switches and outlets, and it inexpensive too!
6. Updated exterior lighting. Curb appeal can be increased with updated lighting on the exterior of your home.

Taking Care of Overdue Electrical Repairs

Selling your home shouldn’t be the incentive you need to get any long-needed electrical work done. Your home will be a safer place to live when you don’t put these repairs off. If you are moving, then you can be sure that potential buyers will want to make sure the home is safe. A home with a sound electrical system that is up to date and meets all recent codes, clearly demonstrates that the home was well cared for.

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Get more out of your tax return this year by having some of these electrical improvements done in your home. These improvements will provide you with a brighter future if you’re staying put or selling anytime soon! Give Peterkin Electric a call today!

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