How to Prepare for a Power Outage in Santa Ana, CA; Install Transfer Switch for Portable Generator & More

Your home is made to withstand and protect you and your family from the adverse conditions that might exist outdoors. With that said it means that your home has many functions that need to be in good working condition. You need to have a way to keep the house climate controlled, the sewer and water working and the electrical system needs to be in great condition. When it comes to the power in your home there are times that some outside force can cause a problem. The electrical system is being brought in from the grid and that is why there can be a problem somewhere along the path that knocks your power out. It can come from a car accident or even a wind storm. You want to make sure that you have a plan for when your does go out. This will make the wait for the power to come back on more bearable. Peterkin Electric offers tips for how to be ready for a power outage in your home.

Power Outage Emergency Response Plan

One of the things you need to do when there is a power outage is to have a plan. Your home and your family should have an emergency plan that goes over many instances that might occur. You want to make sure your family knows what they should do if they are in a position that is not normal. This could be when you have a power outage. The way you go about your regular life is not an option so you need to know what you should be doing. There are different circumstances that can cause a power outage so have a plan for each. If it is from bad weather you want to have a plan to adjust to that while if it is due to an accident you can act differently.

Power Outage Kit

If you want to be fully prepared for a power outage you want to make sure that you have a kit prepared. Most of the things that you rely on happen to use some form of energy and that is why you cannot use it during a power outage. The great thing is that there are lots of tools and materials that you can get together to make the time go over with not too much of an interruption. You want to have flashlights with extra batteries so that you can see. You also want to have bottled water and a first aid kit. You also should have an old fashioned telephone that has a cord since it does not need the electricity to still work to make emergency calls. You can even find things you can do to create something to take your mind off things such as a deck of cards.

Get a Portable Home Generator & Transfer Switch Installed

Lastly if you are in an area that has some bad weather it may be a good idea to have a generator installed at your house. The great thing is that in the event that there is a power outage it can be used to create electricity while you wait for the power to come back on. You want to make sure that you use a professional electrician to install the transfer switch. A transfer switch allows for the power to instantly switch over to the portable generator during a power outage for a safe and reliable alternative power source. The alternative of using extension cords can cause back feed from the power traveling back down the utility line and isn’t recommended.

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