How to Prevent Electrical Hazards in Your Orange, CA Home; Cracked Outlet Covers, Frayed Cords & More

There are things that you might be doing that are hazardous to you, your family and your home. Some of them are small and might not seem like a big deal like going over the speed limit or not crossing on a crosswalk. There are larger issues that you might come up against such as fire hazards when you leave a candle burning unattended. Most people are concerned about their overall health and safety and want to do what they can to keep them and their family safe. When it comes to your home one of the systems that you need to be cautious of is the electrical system. There are things that you might be doing that can end up being an electrical hazards. An electrical hazard can end in shocking someone or starting a fire. Peterkin Electric outlines how to stop electrical hazards in your home.

Cracked Electrical Outlet Covers

There are lots of outlets and switches in your house and there can be several of them that are in each room. They are covering the end of the wiring that is there to ensure that the outlets are useful and switches are functioning as well. These are covered by a plastic plate that has the openings that are needed for whatever outlet you are covering. This can be an outlet, USB, switch, or dimmer to name a few. The plates can become damaged, cracked, broken or even missing. If this happens in your house you are now looking at wires that can be deemed hot and could be a hazard to anyone that is around it especially young kids.

Avoid Water Damaged Electrical Appliances

One of the hazards that most people realize is that moisture mixed with electricity is not a good combination. You want to make sure that you do what you can to avoid placing things that use the electricity near any water source. You want to be cautious in the bathroom and near the kitchen as well. If you happen to have anything that is being used around water and it gets in the water you want to stay away from it and go out to the circuit board to trip the breaker. This is the safest way to get the item out of the water without getting electrocuted.

Frayed Electrical Cords

Another common thing that people do and are causing some hazard in their home is with the cords that are being used. The cords should be in good condition and if you see any damage such as fraying, discoloration or even melting, you should stop using it right away. It is better to toss the cord out and purchase a new one. Be sure that you check any extension cord, appliances or fixture that uses any electricity. The damaged cord is a very hazardous condition in your home.

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