Is Copper Wiring in a House Safe? What are the Advantages of Copper Cable in Garden Grove, CA

When it comes to installing or upgrading your wiring, there are a few options to choose from. Home builders and many electricians commonly use aluminum wiring in homes, along with silver. However, more and more in recent years are turning the use of copper electrical wiring. You should strongly consider copper wiring, no matter if you are installing electrical wiring in a new home for the first time or upgrading old electrical wiring in your existing home. We at Peterkin Electric would like to list the benefits of using copper wiring in your home.

Copper is a Good Conductor of Electricity

Electrical wiring conducts the electricity and carries it to where you need it. However, not all materials can equally conduct electricity. Though silver and aluminum are capable of conducting electricity, copper does it more efficiently. Copper can conduct more electricity than other material, making your overall electrical system perform better.

What is the Flexibility of Copper?

During the installation process, the electricians, bends twists, and manipulates the wire in order to get it to fit in and around different obstacles. The copper wiring is far more flexible than other options and can take on a new shape rapidly and easily. Additionally, the copper wiring does not get brittle or lose integrity as it is bent and twisted. Should it need to be reworked you will not break, crack, or become compromised. Once it is in place, it will stay put, giving less worry have needing repairs or adjustments for the years ahead.

Copper has a High Melting Point?

A concern homeowner should have been the electrical wiring melting point. All metals will melt once they reach a specific point, and when it does it causes the wire to burnout, leading to electrical fires. If the electricity surges through the wiring, it can potentially melt, and lead to some hazardous issues. With copper wiring, it’s very unlikely that it will ever melt and start a fire since the copper wires because of its higher melting point. For this reason, many electricians prefer copper wiring.

Copper Fittings Doesn’t Loosen Over Time

Other wiring materials can become loose over time, where as copper wiring will stay in place, as we touched on earlier. The other options tend to eventually pop out of place. When the wire doesn’t stay in place, it can lead to hazardous conditions, and eventually will need repairs. These repairs will frequently lead to a whole rewiring, which can be costly. Copper wiring will last.

Copper Wiring is Compatible with Most Modern Appliances

Many of the modern appliances we commonly use in our homes today are fitted with copper wiring and with copper electrical wiring in your home, performance is maximized. Different types of wiring may be used, and others are not even compatible. In some cases, damage can occur. Copper wiring often helps appliances run smoother.

Copper Wiring is Easy to Install

Electricians can work with copper easier as it is easier to strip than other options, it can be bent and fit to go around obstacles more readily and can be pulled through tight spaces with ease, and copper wiring does not surface oxides that develop on the outside.

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If you are looking to wire a new home or your current home is in need of upgrades, call Peterkin Electric and use the copper wiring to reap the benefits.

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