Do I Need to Reset My Motion Light that Stays on All the Time or Won’t Work in Mission Viejo, CA?

Motion sensor lights can stop working, or is it stuck in the on or off position. Following an electrical episode, a motion detector light is sensitive to power surges and blinks and sometimes will not work correctly. In most cases, this simply requires a rest, though you may think the fixture is broken. Today, we at Peterkin Electric would like to share how to reset your motion sensor light.

When Do You Need to Reset a Motion Sensor Light?

When a vehicle, person, or other moving object is within sensor range, your home’s motion sensor light should turn on. The lights may become less responsive or quit working altogether with time or after a power blink. Below are a few examples that may require a motion sensor light reset.
1) When the light is not triggered, not even large moving objects like people or vehicles.
2) Rather than turning off once the movement has stopped, the light stays on for long periods of time or permanently. After detecting motion, a working light will turn off within a few minutes.
3) Along with not consistently detecting motion, the light seems less sensitive than usual.
4) Troubleshooting the motion sensor light may help you solve the problem if one of these situations sounds familiar.
Resetting a Motion Sensor Light. You can potentially troubleshoot motion sensor light before depending on a professional replacement services with the steps below.
1) For at least 30 seconds, turn off the fixture’s circuit breaker.
2) Turn the switch on for 2 seconds if the fixture has a light switch, then off for 2 seconds, and then back on.
3) Quickly switch it on and off four or five times, or until the light stays on if the fixture has a light switch.
4) Flip the switch off for five seconds, after the light remains on, and then turn it back on.
5) Try adjusting it to be less sensitive to motion, should your device have the option to change its sensitivity level. You do not need it to turn on every time a chipmunk runs by, after all, though it needs to be sensitive enough to detect someone trespassing on your property.
6) To ensure it is not a bad bulb issue, replace the light bulbs in the light fixture.
If your best plan of action is to update your outdoor lighting or should you know that your motion sensor light only needed a reset, install new light bulbs after you have completed these steps.

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