Is it Safe to Plug an Extension Cord into a Power Strip in Buena Park, CA or a Safety Hazard?

Homes are outfitted with an electrical system that is used to power the devices through your home. The system has become necessary for us to use all the appliances and other electronics that we have become accustomed to. If you look through any room of your home you will notice that there are switches and also outlets to use. These are all traced back to the electrical panel that is either outside the home or in the garage. The panel is full of breakers that are used to prevent the system from becoming damaged. If the circuit that breaker is attached to is overloaded the breaker will trip. Anything that is plugged into that area will no longer work. Even with the amount of outlets that we have in our homes some outlets are in better locations. This is why many people choose to use a power strips or extension cords. If you choose to start using these in your home you need to use caution and know what they are and how to safely use them.

Peterkin Electric Explains How to Safely Use Power Strips & Extension Cords

Are Power Strips Safer than Extension Cords?: These are both similar in the sense that they allow you more freedom from the outlet on the wall but they are very different. When you are using a power strip it is a short cord that has a plug that can be inserted into the wall. On the other end of the plug there is a short cord that is quite thick and has a box. The box is outfitted with several outlets and usually a switch so you can stop the electricity from getting to the box. The power strip is sturdier and can handle usage for an extended amount of time. The extension cord is different in the sense that the cord will be much longer. The plug still exists on one end that can be plugged in a wall and the other end has two or three outlets you can utilize. The biggest difference is that an extension cord should not be used for long periods of time because they don’t have the switch to prevent overheating.
Power Strip Fire Hazards: The power strip was made so that you can plug in several small items at one time. You might have a phone charging and a lamp plugged into the power strip which is totally acceptable. What you never want to do is use the power strip to get electricity to any appliance such as the dishwasher. It is also not a way to send power to a portable heater. You also should know that the power strips come on different varieties of voltage ratings. The rating will tell you what your power strip can handle when it is used. They also are not a permanent solution to your electrical needs. They are okay to use in your home for several weeks but should not be used past that time. If you are in need of more outlets in your house this is the time to call out an electrician. They have a safety feature in the form of a surge protector. This means that if there is a high level of voltage that is sent to the outlet it will prevent the electricity from burning out or frying the items that are placed.

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