What Appliances Use the Most Electricity & Power in the Rooms of Your La Mirada, CA Home

Are you interested in learning where most of the energy in your home is used? Most people want to save as much money as possible these days, so it might be good to go over some tips to reduce how much electricity you use. There are some appliances that use more electricity than others. If you know which ones they are, then you can take steps to make your home more energy efficient.

What Uses Electricity in Your Home

Kitchen Electricity Consumption— Your kitchen houses the most appliances in your home. There are a few changes you can make to reduce the amount of energy you use in the kitchen. Gas ovens are more energy efficient than electric ones. Ovens that are self-cleaning are more efficient because they are more insulated. You can use tin foil to keep food from spilling over, so you won’t need to use this feature as much as it can be a waste of energy. The dishwasher can be used less if you rinse dishes off before you load them and load it up as much as you can because it will use the same amount of energy regardless of how much is in there. When it comes to the fridge and freezer you can keep the appliance as clean as possible to lower the amount of energy it uses to keep your food fresh.
Electricity Used By Washing Machines & Dryers in Laundry Room— Even though there are only two appliances in this room they are used a lot. You can switch over to more efficient models to save money. If this isn’t an option for you then you can try washing clothes that aren’t really dirty in cold water instead of warm or hot to save energy. Many dryers have moisture sensors that can detect when clothes are dry and then turn it off when they are. Make sure the dryer has enough room to work efficiently.
TV, Lights & Other Electricity Uses in Living Room– Your family speeds a lot of time in this room and there are lots of ways that energy is used that you may overlook. Turn off lights when you’re not using them and switch over to bulbs that are more energy efficient to save money. To prevent the TV and DVD player from using too much power, unplug them when you’re not using them.
Electricity Used By Bathroom Exhaust Fan & More– The bathroom uses way more energy than you may think. Those long hot showers that so many of us love use a lot of energy. It takes electricity to get that water hot after all. Then there are all those appliances you use in the bathroom. Curling irons and blow dryers can suck a lot of energy when they are left on accidentally. Make a habit to only use an appliance when you are ready to use it, so you won’t leave them on unnecessarily.

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Small changes you make can do a lot to reduce the amount of energy you use in your home and therefore will save you money. Do all you can to lower your energy bills and contact Peterkin Electric for an energy audit, need new electrical fixture installed or when you have any electrical issues in your home. Contact us today!

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