Kitchen Island Pendant, Chandelier, Recessed & Other Lighting Ideas in San Juan Capistrano, CA

In all of the different areas of your home there are different design elements and features to take into account. If you decorated every room in your home exactly the same your home would just not work. Each room has a different function to perform and needs to be treated according to its function for best results. Lighting is one of the design features that is best to vary from room to room as well. It can be hard to know what lighting features would work best for every room in your home. Today Peterkin Electric wants to help you know what lighting options would be best for above your kitchen island. Kitchen islands are a fabulous thing to have in your home. It can be hard to know what kind of lighting to put above your island though.

Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island

One of the most popular lighting options for above your island is pendant lights. Pendant lights come in a large variety of shapes, styles, lengths, and colors. No matter what style you have your kitchen decorated in you can find a pendant light that will complement it. When you are selecting a pendant light you need to make sure that you select the correct size. The larger your kitchen is, the larger your pendant light should be. The opposite is true in a smaller kitchen. You can also choose to use one larger pendant or multiple smaller ones.

Kitchen Island Chandelier Lighting

In recent years another popular option for lighting above your kitchen island is a chandelier. Some people try to repurpose older chandeliers while others purchase newer options that have hit the market. Just like pendant lights, chandeliers come in all sorts of shapes, styles, lengths, and colors. Finding one that will fit your style should not be a problem.

Kitchen Recessed Lighting Placement

Another popular choice for lighting above kitchen islands is recessed lighting. Some people do not love the concept of lights hanging down in their kitchen. Recessed lighting is a more concealed lighting option. This option will provide you with the lighting that you need for any of the tasks that you need to perform in your kitchen.

Pendant & Recessed Lights Combined

Some people choose to do a combination of pendant lights and recessed lighting in their kitchens. This pairing is an excellent way to layer the lighting in your kitchen. The pendant lighting will add some interest and décor to your kitchen while the recessed lighting will provide the continuous illumination in the space.

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If you choose to hang pendant lights or a chandelier above your kitchen island you may be wondering where you should hang them. Peterkin Electric recommends you suspend your pendant lighting or chandelier 28 to 34 inches above your island. You will want to center the lighting above your island. This placement will look the best in your kitchen. No matter what kind of lighting you choose to have above your kitchen island Peterkin Electric can help you install it. Our electricians are skilled in all sorts of different lighting options. If you would like a lighting consultation give us a call today!

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