Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel in Laguna Hills, CA? Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping & More

Electrical systems often have a hard time keeping up with the demand with all the landscaping lighting, appliances, devices, security systems, and standard power needs for outlets and lights inside. To also prove to be a safety hazard, the electrical system is significantly impacted, should the electrical panels be not up to standard. Sharing quite a few red flags that suggest your electrical panel is in desperate need for an update, Peterkin Electric would like to further elaborate on updating your electrical panel.

Defective Lights

An outdated electrical panel, one that was improperly installed or that is simply failing, can display signs through flickering or dimming lights. For instance, when you run a major appliance, and/or seeing the lights flicker or dim indicates outdated electrical panels. During the inspection, finding the reason for lighting sources will likely lead to updating the panel.

Circuit Breaker that Keeps Tripping

When the breakers’ constantly trip, it points to the need for an electrical panel upgrade. The breakers will trip frequently, should you be using more energy than what your current electrical system outputting. To avoid overheating and fires the breakers to trip in order, which is usually due to inadequate amps. Frequently tripping circuit breakers indicates an outdated electrical panel.

Breaker Panel Has Too Few Amps

The majority of modern homes can maintain their appliances and other electrical needs with the 200 amps. Experiencing frequent power outages or the breaker tripping any home built with less 200 amp is a sign you need to upgrade. In addition to having difficulty with your electrical system; you will likely face challenges selling the house. As a top priority, should amps be less than 200 amp, be sure to get them updated.

Electrical Panel Age

An upgrade of electrical panel is essential for old multi-family homes. Due to their insufficiency, older homes are equipped with old FPE and Zinsko panels and are a high-risk fire hazard and simply cannot keep up with the today’s electrical demand. Fires can be produced older electrical panels are prone to overheating and are likely to fail at controlling electrical surges. It is simply not worth the risk if you are unsure if the previous owner may have upgraded the electrical panel. To find out with an inspection service, contact a qualified electrician.

Upgrade Electrical Panel in a Newer Home?

An electrical inspection when you first acquire a new home should be done with your best interests in mind. It is well worth your efforts to update the panels, should the inspection discover the panel is outdated. After settling into your new home, the last thing you want is learning that your home’s electrical system safety at risk. Electrical panels may not be the limit when you get a new home, but you may need to upgrade breaker box and other recommendations the electrician may find that will ensure an efficient electrical system and keep your home safe.

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If you suspect the electrical panels are in need of an update, call Peterkin Electric and let our certified electricians assess our panels and determine if an upgrade is required, if so, it will be done high quality upgrade services. Contact us today!

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