Landscape Lighting Design Plan Guide in Bellflower, CA; Uplighting, Walkway, Flood Lights & More

You most likely have spent plenty of time decorating the inside of your home. Looking for wall art, lamps and shelves that will fill the space and make it your own. This is because we want our home to reflect that we care about it and show off our own personal style. You also want to make sure that you do not overlook the exterior of the house either. The exterior of the house when it is set up right can increase the value of the house and increase the curb appeal. One aspect of the outdoor space that makes a huge difference is the lighting that is used. Many people will have a porch light that is set up at the front door and that is about the extent of the lights. There are many other areas that you can use lighting to increase your curb appeal when you use them correctly.

Peterkin Electric Lists Ways to Use Lighting in Your Landscape Design

Make a Landscape Lighting Design Plan: When you want to add lights to your landscape and your outdoor space you need to make a plan. It is important to go around the look for areas that you want to add some focus to. You also want to make sure you label what you want to get from the light. There are several types of lights that can be used outdoors and each of them have a specific function. It is best to take a look at your outdoor space at night as well as in the day to determine if there are areas that need to have light because they are too dark. You want to also talk to an electrician when you make these plans so they are able to make a plan on the electrical wiring that will need to be used to get the lights installed the way that you want.
Landscape Uplighting Techniques: When you go out to look for places that you want to have your lights installed it is a great idea to show off some of the shrubs and trees. You can light up a tree or a fixture that you have in your yard. This type of light is not to add a splash of light to your walkway but to add light up the tree or bush. The light is installed at the base of the tree or outdoor fixture and set so that the stream of light goes up the item. The light will add a great way to bring your eye to that particular area of the yard.
Low Voltage Walkway Pathway Lights: There is another area that you can use light as a way to add beauty as well as function to your front or backyard. This is along the walkways that lead to the house and to other areas of the yard. The walkways are usually left dark but you can have lights that line the walkways so that they are easy to see while adding a cool element to the yard.
Outdoor Flood Lights: Lastly you want to add some flood lights to the house so that it is lit up. This will add light but also some level of security to the home. The flood lights will flood a particular area such as the around the garage door and the front and back porch.

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