Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas for Patio & Yard in Garden Grove, CA; Eave & Coach Lights, Spotlights & More

As the weather here in California gets warmer you and your family be spending more time outdoors than you were in the colder winter months. When you are sitting outside do you ever find yourself wishing you had more lighting outside? Now is the perfect time to add some additional lighting to the exterior of your home.

Patio Lights Ideas

There are tons of different ways that you can add lighting to the outside of your home. First let’s talk about adding some light to your patio area. Patios are frequently a spot that Peterkin Electric finds that our clients do not have adequate lighting in. Most track homes come with just one or two small lights on the patio and nothing more. If you are going to enjoy spending time on your patio you will definitely want some additional lighting on your patio. We can help you install whatever lighting you want on your patio. Recessed lighting and outdoor fans are among the most popular options for patios.

Outdoor Yard Lighting

Many homeowners also want Peterkin Electric to help add some lighting in their yards. If you have kids that want to play in the yard after bedtime additional lighting is a must! Motion sensor lighting and spotlights are fantastic lighting selections to help brighten up your yard. Your kids will be able to enjoy more time outdoors once your lighting is installed.

Coach Lights

The front of your home may currently be missing something that you just cannot seem to put your finger on. Is it coach lights? Coach lights are the lights that are installed next to your garage doors. They help set off the beauty of your home in an extremely subtle way. Selecting and installing beautiful coach lights could be just what you are looking for in the front of your home.

Landscape Lighting

Thousands of homes have stunning landscaping in their front or back yards. Unfortunately, once it gets dark outside no one sees your landscaping. Having Peterkin Electric install strategically placed lighting throughout your landscaping will solve this dilemma. There are tons of different options for landscape lighting. Go online and browse through some pictures to see what you like. If you are not sure what the best options are Peterkin Electric can help you design a plan as well. After we get done installing all of the lights you select driving up to your home at night will be a sight you look forward to seeing.

Lighting Roof Eaves

Another popular option for exterior lighting is lighting in the eaves of your home. Adding lighting to the eaves of your home makes your home simply stunning to drive up to in the dark. The lights will highlight the architectural beauty of your home in astounding ways.

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No matter what type of exterior lighting you choose to install on the outside of your home Peterkin Electric can help you with the project. We love helping you turn your home into the home of your dreams! Contact us for a lighting consultation or other electrical needs today!

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