Best Light Bulbs for Bedroom, Dining Room & More in Mission Viejo, CA; Performance, Kelvin, Lumen, CRI & More

For most people taking the quarantine seriously, many people are noticing flaws around the home. When areas look dark and dull, choosing the right light bulb can not only make a difference in the home, but also save money on your electric bill. To help you better identify the light bulb best used for the homes’ rooms, we at Peterkin Electric would like to offer some pointers.

Performance Light Bulb

While you’re in the space, light bulb brightness and color can alter the appearance of the room and even impact your mood. The same case of bulbs is not ideally installed in the light fixtures.

Kelvin Color Temperature

Measured in Kelvins light bulb labels refer to “color temperature.” Lower temperatures indicate warmer tones. Though a 4000K bulb emits a pure, white light, a light color measurement of 2700K to 3000K is comparable to the warm yellow or white tones of incandescent light bulbs. Emitting a cool tone that simulates daylight, the best light bulbs for natural light are 5000K bulbs.

Lumen Brightness Scale

The amount of energy it takes to produce a given lumen level is measured in watts as light brightness is measured in lumens. Producing 450 lumens, to 100-watt bulbs, which produce 1,600 lumens, standard incandescent bulbs commonly range from 40-watt bulbs. Low light spaces, like hallways or closets, may only need bulbs with an output of 450 to 800 lumens.

Color Rendering Index in Lighting

Often used with CFL bulbs, is the color rendering index (CRI), which is another measurement. When compared to how its coloring appears under ideal or natural lighting, the CRI refers to how an object’s color appears under the bulb’s light. A truer representation of color, a higher value indicated. As the highest possible value an incandescent bulb generally have a CRI value of 100. You may want to consider higher values for spaces where a true rendition of coloring matters since florescent lighting usually ranges between 50 and 98, and LEDs fall between 80 to 98. A CRI value of 80 or higher is ideal. This application, for instance, is best used in bathroom vanity areas or home art studios.

Types of Light Bulbs

Compact florescent bulbs, halogen incandescent bulbs, and LEDs are the top main types of bulbs. Cost and energy efficiency vary considerably with light quality is now fairly standard across all three types.

Light Bulb Recommendations

When selecting bulbs and light fixtures, consider your home’s unique needs. In places where lights are left on for long periods of time, save energy by using LED bulbs. Below is a basic guide for lights throughout your home.
Bathroom Lighting: With additional task lighting near the bathroom vanity is a good choice, otherwise use moderate to bright general lighting. Select a light bulb with a high CRI. To help you avoid post-shower shivers a halogen incandescent that doubles as a heat lamp is one option. Causing CFLs to burn out more quickly than normal, these lights are frequently turned on and off as well as avoid CFLs in the bathroom.
Living /Dining Room Lighting Ideas:
Low to moderate lighting levels are typical for these spaces. A ceiling fan with light kit may work well. Choose bulbs with color temperatures of around 2,000K to 3,000K for warm, soft lighting. Add desk lamps for additional reading light, if needed. For an elegant look, install pendant lights or a chandelier above the dining room table.
Kitchen Lighting Design: In task-oriented rooms like kitchens, usually you’ll want brighter light (5,000 to 10,000 lumens total.) To make a huge difference in food preparation areas, use overhead or recessed fixtures with LEDs are a good choice, and under-cabinet lights.
Best Light Bulbs for Bedrooms: In bedrooms, use low to moderate lighting levels work and avoid bulbs with cool tones. Before bedtime may make it harder to fall asleep exposure to their bluish light.
Home Office Lighting: With targeted task lighting for workspaces, install bright general lighting. To help keep you alert and focused, cool tones with a color temperature of 4000K or higher.

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