Should I Pre-Wire a Smart Home with Low Voltage Electrical Wiring for the Future in Costa Mesa, CA?

In this day of modern technology we are becoming more advanced when it comes to our homes, cars and work places. With modern technology of the “Smartphone” we now carry devices that can help us control our environment wherever we go. However you can’t have a smart home if you can’t control your lights, thermostats, and even your home entertainment center just because you have a smart phone. You will need to pre-wire your home and acquire the other devices that all work together. Peterkin Electric will share some of the advantages of having a “Smart Home” and why you may want to consider pre-wiring your home for the future.

Smart House Wiring Allows for Home Automation Controls

We, as a human race, strive to control our environment. When you have the wiring in place for modern technology such as thermostats, appliances, lights or even your home entertainment system you will be able to apply the applications to your phone. At that time, you can control your entire home with the touch of your finger tips. There are now even locks and security systems that can be monitored by you 24/7. Did you accidentally leave some light on in your home, or are you coming home early and you want the A/C running earlier so you don’t have to deal with the heat? No worries if you have wired your home for smart home technology. Additionally, if you need to give a family or friend access to your home in the event there is an emergency, you can let them in with a touch of a button.

Smart Home Safety & Security Systems

As stated earlier, you can put security locks, motion sensors, and cameras both in and outside of your home. Fire alarms can also be connected to your phone, sending you a signal when there is trouble. For working parents or those taking care of the elderly, or if you may be under threat of a burglary whether you’re at home, at work, or vacation you will always be connected to your home and your loved ones.

Intelligent Home Energy Savings

Another benefit for pre-wiring for a smart home is savings. This goes along with control as well. By controlling your appliances, HVAC system, lighting and etc. you can decrease their use when you’re not at home. Additionally, energy efficiency has been a number one concern for homeowners and manufacturers have been designing more and more efficient appliances, electronics, and other items used in the home, by upgrading your home to more modern technology you will also find there are more savings with more energy efficient machines.

Low Voltage Wiring Systems

The beauty of pre-wiring now for a smart home is that regardless of future technology, all of these items will run on the same low voltage wiring systems. Where you may not have the investment to go straight to high technology now, as time goes on and you accumulate one item at a time, your home is ready for the future.

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Pre-wiring now for modern and future technology can help save you time and provide your home the ability to upgrade more efficiently. No need to put holes in the wall or add a major construction job just to add a home entertainment theater or blue tooth thermostats. You can prepare you home now. Peterkin Electric can pre-wire your home for all of the future technology you will strive to achieve. Contact Peterkin Electric today to schedule your home wiring system.

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