Electrical Wiring FAQ in Brea, CA; What if Circuit Breaker Tripped & Won’t Reset & More

One part of a home that many people feel uncomfortable working on is the electrical. Something about being shocked in the process is enough to send most people calling for a professional electrician. When it comes to the needs of an electrician if you think there is a problem that has anything to do with your electrical system we are the way to go! The interesting thing is that like most other professionals we get many of the same types of questions. They range from simple fixes to major problems.

Peterkin Electric Answers Some Common Questions Electricians Are Asked

Circuit Breaker Tripped & Won’t Reset: We have all been there where we are working on microwaving a treat and running a food processor when the power just quits on you. The majority of the time the outlet of the circuit that you are using has been overloaded and tripped the breaker. If this happens you want to be sure that you remove some of the items you are using. When you go to flip the breaker and it will not switch back on you might be able to fix it. Many people don’t realize that you need to be sure that the breaker has switched all the way off before you flip it back on. If this does not work you may need to call out an electrician to replace the breaker.
Electrical Outlet Stopped Working Suddenly: When you move into a home it is a great idea to test out the outlets. Go to each one with something that you know works and test the outlets. Most outlets have two plugs so be sure to check the both. If you notice that one is not working it is important to first check for a switch on the wall. There are some plugs that will be wired into a switch so that you can use plug in a lamp or other item that you want to be able to control without pulling out the plug. This is for your ease so figure out if this is the case when the plug does not work. If you test the switches and there still is not power it is important to have the outlet repaired. This will prevent you from overloading other outlets in the room.
Lights Flickering & Dimming in House: When you are in a room and you notice that the light flickers on occasion it can be annoying. Annoying is really only one aspect because it can be a sign that there is a problem. The first likely suspect if the bulb itself. The bulb can be loose or just bad and changing it out can solve the problem. Another issue that requires the help of an electrician is the transformer. Some people notice a few lights flickering when the doorbell rings or the microwave kicks on. If these are the causes you want to have a professional make the repair.

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