Signs of Basic Electrical Short Circuit Problems & Solutions in Your Newport Beach, CA Home

With more and more appliances and electronic gadgets hitting the stores every other month, home electricity consumption has risen in leaps and bounds with numerous devices being used simultaneously in single family homes. Despite the price tags of these devices homeowners are often neglectful when considering if they have the necessary components to deliver the amount of electricity needed without overloading their electrical systems. More often than not your electrical circuit will shut off power in the unfortunate occurrence of an overloaded system putting your electronic items at risk. If this happens it is always prudent to contact an experienced electrician to ensure that the repair work is completed correctly.

Signs of Electrical Circuit Problems

According to the knowledgeable experts at Peterkin Electric, the most common signs of an electrical circuit problem include the lights in your home flickering constantly and your power shutting off on its own. In the majority of homes the electrical panel or main panel can be found in the utility room or the garage. Located inside your electrical panel are circuits that are designed to control the flow of electricity throughout your home. When your system is overloaded or there is a defect the circuit will shut down power to alert you that something is wrong.

Types of Circuits Found in Your Electrical Panel

There are two types of circuits that can be found in your electrical panel, dedicated circuits and general purpose circuits. Your dedicated circuits are designed to supply power to large appliances including garbage disposals, built in microwaves, washers, dryers and kitchen and bathroom appliances. At the other end of the spectrum is your general purpose circuits which supply electricity to the receptacles and lighting located throughout your home. If you are experiencing issues with your homes electrical system contact the professionals at Peterkin Electric immediately to prevent the possibility of a potential fire or safety hazard.

Find an Electrician in Your Area to Check Electrical Circuit Wiring

Trying to repair your circuits on your own can be tricky and dangerous. Not only does it require a professional level of expertise, it also requires the use of specialized tools that most handymen don’t have access to at home. Homeowners often try to compensate for the underlying issues by using multiple extension cords for a short term fix. However your best course of action is to contact your Peterkin Electric electrician for a complete diagnostic check of the main panel and the outlets throughout the home. By conducting a series of tests, your electrician will be able locate and determine exactly which circuits are overloading and supply the professional repairs and replacement parts needed to fix the underlying issues.
Your qualified Peterkin Electric electrician has the necessary training, knowledge, and skill to perform your electrical repairs safely.

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If you think that you have an overloaded circuit or any other type of electrical issues, contact us immediately to discuss the problem. Our dedicated and highly skilled customer service professionals are on hand to schedule an appointment for our qualified electrician to solve your electrical issues along with preventing future ones. For more information regarding your residential and commercial electrical inspections and repairs contact the knowledgeable experts at Peterkin Electric today!

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