Tips & Questions to Ask when Hiring a Local Residential or Commercial Electrician in Huntington Beach, CA

When it comes to hiring any tradesman for a project, you want to ensure you are hiring all around quality. With so many scam artists or even people that do not put pride in their work, it is hard to know who to trust to care for the needs of your home or business. With that in mind, we at Peterkin Electric would like to share some tips and advice when hiring an electrician for your project.

Tips for Hiring an Electrician in Your Area

1) Credentials & Qualifications: In regards to the qualification and licensing of the electrician, each state requires their own rules and regulations. For example, in the State of California, an Electrical Contractors License is required for projects that exceed $500. You then should verify whether the electrician is insured with the right liability insurance and is registered by the true authorities.
2) Detail the Electrical Work and Request a Bid: Many electricians specialize in specific areas. Knowing what requirements you need is the first step. Then hiring an electrician can be easier; depending on the nature of the work. Have the electrician come to the site and assess in person your requests. Get the bid and confirm all the details. Compare the bids of electricians with similar skills and experience, as you try to get bids from different electricians.
3) Discuss Terms on Completion and Payment: Request the time schedule from the electrician so that you can make the proper arrangements to run your household or business efficiently prior to the work starting. Ensure your final cost includes any fees, labor and materials to avoid an increased bill at the conclusion of your service. Try to keep the upfront payment low and always ensure that the work schedule and the completion time go hand in hand. Never pay more than 50%. If the electrician insists on upfront payment, as it may adversely affect the completion of the work. So it matches with the pace of work and material delivery, make the payment schedule in such a way. Insisting a written contract, stating every details of work can save your money and time.
4) Final Consultation. Cross your “T’s” and dot your “I’s”. Before you successfully complete the project, have a final consultation with your electrician and clear all your doubts about the project and ask him the details or the systematic procedure he or she is going to execute. Talk about the whole-house surge protector or other smart devices that can protect your entire house and appliances discuss about the trending electrical enhancement available in the market.
5) Endorsements & Reviews: You can find many websites that list potential tradesmen including electricians and check their credentials with the BBB and other such references.
6) Cooperation During Electrical Wiring: Once the work commences, allow the electrician to do the job you hired them to do and avoid any interference. Avert pets and children away from the work site and stay clear of the path of their work to stay safe from any kind of harm.

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