Signs of Common Electrical Problems in Costa Mesa, CA; Flickering Lights, Outlets Not Working & More

A home’s electrical system runs constantly and without rest. We depend on electricity to power our lights, appliances, refrigerators, and electrical devices. We have become completely dependent on electricity. It comes as no surprise then as we use these devices, problems and failure will eventually occur. When your home’s electrical system begins to show signs of trouble, it should be repaired quickly. Peterkin Electric will share some of the most common electrical problems that occur in a home to help homeowners better maintain their home electrical systems.

Hot Switches & Fixtures

Have you ever turned off the lights and the switch felt hot? Have you ever turned off a lamp manually and it also felt hot? This could be a sign of electrical problems. If heat builds up enough where you can feel heat when you touch light fixtures or switches, this is due to a poor connection or an old switch. It would be safer to replace the switches and check the connection then risk enough heat to build up that can cause a fire.

Dim or Flickering Lights

If light bulbs appear dim or flicker when the lights are on, then this is a classic sign of a loose electrical connection. In most cases the loose connection is where the light fixture and the electrical wiring meet. However, this isn’t always the case. The loose connection can occur anywhere along the circuit the lights are running on. Loose connections are common but also dangerous. The point of the loose connection can potentially cause a fire. In short if your lights are dim or flickering, have your home’s wiring inspected.

Light Bulbs Burning Out

Do you have to change out light bulbs frequently? Especially longer lasting light bulbs such as LEDs that shouldn’t burn out frequently? Before you blame poor manufacturing of the light bulbs or light fixtures, make sure the light bulb wattage fits the light fixture. This is a minor but very common problem. Often the homeowner will use too high of a wattage light bulb in a fixture or even too low of wattage light bulb. Make sure to use the recommended wattage to prevent over heating the fixture or the light bulb will burn out frequently.

Electrical Outlets Not Working

Outlets burn out all of the time and is one of the most common electrical maintenance needs for residential customers. When an outlet burns out or dies, it can cancel an entire circuit. You can then lose power to major areas of a home. Old or dead outlets are easily found and replaced. However, it is recommended that you use a professional electrician to help locate the dead outlets. This does require some caution, which is why it is best left to the professionals.

Not Enough Electric Sockets

Not really a hazardous problem, but still a major problem is a home with very few outlets. This is a common problem in older homes. Many people will buy adapters so they can use more devices on a single outlet. This isn’t recommended. Outlets or single circuits can overload and trip when too many devices are connected to a single line. Consider adding additional circuits and outlets to your home to help prevent electrical overloads.

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