Types of Lighting in Huntington Beach, CA Houses; Installation of Ambient, Task & Accent Light Fixtures

When you think about the lights in your home, do you realize that there are several different ways to effectively light your house? There are three basic types of lighting that make your home what it is. Each of these types of lighting are equally important in the role they play to make your home light and bright. Peterkin Electric is here to talk about the three different types of lighting in your home and explain why each of them should be utilized.

Ambient Light Fixtures for Rooms

The most commonly known type of lighting in residential as well as commercial lighting applications is ambient lighting. This is the warm glow that simply showers each and every corner of your room with light. This light is used to simulate natural lighting no matter what time of the day it may be. Not only does this light brighten your room, but it plays one of the most important roles in your home; safety. Without ambient lighting, you wouldn’t be able to see well enough to get from point A to point B. Here are the different ways you can incorporate ambient lighting into your home:
-Chandeliers & Pendants
-Wall Sconces & Wall Lights
-Track Lighting or Recessed Lights
-Ceiling Mounted Fixture
-Floor Lamp

Task Lighting in Kitchen, Office & More

If you have a space that you are frequently trying to use for reading, writing or other tasks that require an added amount of light, this is where task lighting comes into play. Many people need to have task lighting in their kitchen over the counters so they can see what they are working on in that area of the house. Any place that you have a home office, or desk and homework station could use task lighting as well. This type of lighting is a smaller more concentrated type of light to help illuminate a space so you can get things done without straining your eyes to do so. Here are some the types of task lighting you may have in your home:
-Lighting Tape or Extrusion
-Directional Gimble Recessed Fixture
-Portable Desk Lamp

Accent Lighting

To help draw the eye to interesting works of art, or architectural features within your home or office, accent lighting is the right light for the job. This very concentrated light works to do just that; draw the eyes to different design features in your home. This lighting helps to illuminate certain designs as well as shadow others which will naturally bring your line of sight to the source of light. Here are some of the ways accent lighting may be working in your home:
-Track Light
-Lighting Tape or Extrusion
-Directions Recessed or Down Lights
-Wall-Mounted Fixtures

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