Signs You Need to Update Electrical Wiring & Appliances in Your Mission Viejo, CA House

The function, value, and safety of your home can all be affected when you have outdated circuit breakers, electrical panels and wiring. The problem can become even worse with an older electrical infrastructure. You would think that electrical repairs would be enough to fix the problem, but you may need to replace appliances too. Electrical issues are some of the most common causes of house fires. The appliances in your home draw a lot of power and if they are outdated, they can impact your home in several ways.

Signs You Need New Electrical Appliances

There are signs that will let you know that it might be time for new appliances.
• Air conditioning. Older AC systems lead to insufficient cooling and dirty air filters can negatively affect the air quality in your home. You may also have problems with water damage and mold if there is excess moisture in your home from an inefficient air conditioner.
• Refrigerator. When your fridge gets old there will be a lack of cooling. This of course causes food spoilage. When an older fridge requires greater energy consumption you will see an increase in your utility bills.
• Washer/dryer. Washing machines can create water damage if they start to leak and lint buildup can affect your clothing, damage the machine, or cause a fire.
• Oven/stove. Older ovens and/or stoves will negatively impact your cooking. It can also cause gas odors and leaks. Not to mention the chance of fires and explosions.
• Microwave. Not only will your food heat poorly, there may be burning wires and parts than can lead to foul odors, sparks, or worse.

Do I Need to Update the Electrical Wiring in My House?

You need to call an electrician if you answer yes to any of these questions.
Are your circuit breakers tripping? If you find yourself resetting your breakers too often, the circuits in your home may be overloaded. You may also have too many appliances plugged in.
Are your lights dimming? If you have a circuit that is overloaded, you will find that lights dim when you use the microwave or the vacuum cleaner. This is an indication that you have outdated wiring and other parts in your electrical system.
Are you dealing with smoke? If you have smoke coming from an appliance or charred or discolored outlets you have a problem. You also need to be concerned if you smell burnt vinyl or plastic.
Do you hear electrical noise? Your electrical system should be quiet. You should not hear buzzing sizzling, or crackling noises from your outlets or any of your appliances. These noises indicate a serious problem with your electrical system.
Do you have damaged electrical wiring? Outdated appliances are not good for the wiring system in your home because they can cause walls to overheat. Old or damaged wiring is a serious problem that needs immediate attention.

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