Smart Homes Technology in San Clemente, CA; Electronic Devices, Hub, Security System & More

Your home is full of devices like clocks, speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, windows, window blinds, hot water heaters, cooking utensils as well as appliances like your refrigerator, coffee maker and bread machines. But in most homes, they are, well, dumb. They only do what they do and require manual intervention to change their operating parameters. What if they’re automated, on the internet and controlled by our favorite handheld device, the smartphone? Away from home, you can check out the perimeter cameras, or check on the kids via internal cameras ensuring safety and security. You can reset your thermostat to power saving temperatures and fire up the furnace or AC to have your domicile at comfortable temperatures when you arrive.

Smart Home Hub

Most systems are centrally controlled via a hub. This is the master device that controls all the homes devices and is the interface between the Net and your appliances. Amazon Echo, Wink Hub 2, Brilliant Control, Logitech Harmony Elite, Samsung SmartThings Hub, iHome iSP6X SmartPLug just to name a few.

Smart Home Security System

Not all your security equipment is required to be statically installed. With Wi-Fi you can move them around. The are video doorbells, to record who is at the door when you’re away. You can even have camera and light combos with the camera nested and hidden in the light. Locks, yes, we have smart locks as well as wireless DIY home security kits. Smart locks, well some are controlled with a remote, others with your smart phone. HVAC systems can have remote operated thermostats. Lighting plays a significant roll in security. Some remote lighting even allows for a change of colors, enhancing functionality. How’s that for smart.

Other Smart Home Devices

In the kitchen there are apps that have recipe organization. How about your microwave? Some operate using Alexa voice control. Coffee makers, bread machines, air fryers and brew your own beer. Some have remote access others electronically automated. Automated pucks well actually vacuums. These suckers will vacuum your floors, find their docking/recharge station, all you do is dump the debris. Some devices are automated mops for your kitchen or wood flooring. Sleep Number beds offer remote control of the firmness and offer this control separately for both sides of the bed. Other devices can monitor your workouts, and automated scales can determine body fat percentage, weight, BMI and lean mass even you body water percentage. These smart scales can report and record your stats via the Wi-Fi network so you can track and analyze the data for the long term, they even support multiple users. Digital electronics impact our lives in multiple facets as we negotiate our mortal existence. Smart watches can even monitor your health and alert others if you are suffering some organic failure. They can inventory your refrigerators and generate shopping lists or even order from home delivery groceries. These devices are multifaceted devices that can assist in living and are relatively inexpensive compared to just a few years ago. In fact, many are second generation devices. You can go from mild to wild depending on you budget and your whims.

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For many, particularly those who live alone they can help us manage our busy lives. Call us at Peterkin Electric we have decades experience in home automation and can help you design and wire a smart home system that can grow with your needs.

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