Signs Your Home Needs Electrical Rewiring in La Habra CA; Old House, Dimming Lights & More

When a home is in need of electrical rewiring, no matter if you been living in the homes for years, recently bought a home, or even inherited an older home, there are several warning signs. Where a few of these red flags are pretty distinct, there are a few indications that might be more difficult to recognize. To help the locals of Orange County, CA recognize the signs that suggest your home needs electrical rewiring services, we at Peterkin Electric would like to share the common examples.

Old Electrical House Wiring

Veteran homes were not originally designed for modern electrical needs. Homes constructed prior to 1970 are not properly equipped to accommodate today’s electrical flow needs. The contractors of the era did not foresee the need for the electrical system to handle the appliances, printers, computers, home theater systems, and the minor and major electrical devices surging energy constantly. To ensure their home is up to par, any home over 10 years should invest in an inspection at the least, and any house constructed prior to 1970 with no electrical upgrades since construction should schedule an electrical rewiring service.

Intermittent Circuit Breakers Tripping

Though you may have grown accustomed to it, circuit breakers that constantly trip is not a normal occurrence and it indicates your home needs an electrical rewiring sooner than later. Designed as a safety precaution, the circuit breakers will trip in the even there is an electric overload. Electrically overloaded wires with naturally be hot, which can increase the risk of house fires. Invest in an electrical rewiring service in order to prevent fires and other issues when you notice the warning of a tripping circuit breaker.

Adding Appliances that Need a Dedicated Circuit

To simplify daily living, more and more people are collecting more and more appliances and electronics. As we add more gadgets and updated toys, people notice the lights flicker or dim more, the circuit breaker trips more often than it should, and other complications develop when the home cannot keep up the electrical demand. Electrical rewiring should be considered whenever you add major electrical increases.

Dimming or Flickering Lights

Lights may dim or flicker, which people get used and becomes commonplace, when vacuums or other appliances operate. When the electrical wiring can adequately manage the electrical demand, the lights won’t flicker or dim, but will if the electrical needs are too much for the current electrical wiring system.

Reliance on Extension Cords

Being are designed for temporary solution, you should not rely day to day on extension cords. Should you find yourself depending on extension cords, you simply do not have enough outlets. Better accommodate the electrical needs of your household with electrical rewiring and outlet installations.

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The leading causes of residential fires, as warned by the National Fire Prevention, is faulty wiring. Though most do not give much though to poor wiring, most people do what they can to avoid fires and making sure your home is required to fit the needs of your home and family is, we at Peterkin Electric can help you get the home’s electrical rewiring done safely and efficiently. Contact us today!

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