Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas for Your Backyard Landscaping in Placentia, CA; String Lights & More

At Peterkin Electric we help our clients with lighting in all the different areas of their homes and businesses. We love to do all different kinds of lighting projects. We help fix, upgrade, install, and more for all your lighting needs. This fall we helped many of our clients improve or install lighting on their outdoor patios. We saw all kinds of different lighting options. Today we are going to highlight some of patio lighting for you.

Outdoor Lighting Placeent

You will want to start your process by going outside and sitting on your patio for a while. Think about where your family currently spends their time on the porch and where you would like to spend more time but do not because you do not have lights in that area. This will give you an idea of what your lighting needs are.

Overhead Patio Lights

After you have decided what your needs are you will want to think about the different types of lights that will help fit your needs. Start with what overhead lighting you want on your porch. Do you want canned lighting, statement lighting fixtures, or fans with lights? You may already have electrical on your patio. Or maybe you do not have lighting currently and need to add electrical. Either way Peterkin Electric can help you.

Hang String Lights on Covered Patio

One very popular patio lighting option is Edison lights. Edison lights are outdoor strings of lights. They look beautiful strung across your patio. Sitting outside on your porch with Edison lights can be so relaxing. You will want to make sure that you have an outlet to plug the lights into on your patio.

Outdoor Light Fixtures

If you want to add some statement pieces to your patio you should take a look at outdoor lighting fixtures. You will want to make sure that you are looking at lighting fixtures that are made for outdoor use. Some lighting fixtures are not made to withstand the elements outside. If you use an indoor only lighting fixture you will wind up having to replace it sooner than you should have to.

Landscape Lighting Design

As you sit on your porch you can enjoy looking out on your backyard. Many people find that they want to add lighting to their landscaping so that they can enjoy it even more. Landscape lighting can make your backyard absolutely stunning! You can add lighting that will help illuminate trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds. We can help you design a landscape lighting plan that will accentuate the beauty of your backyard.

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Once you have an idea of what you are wanting you will want to sketch out a plan for your patio. Putting your ideas onto paper will help you make some final decisions on what you are wanting Peterkin Electric to come out and help you with. If you need some help with your design we are happy to help you with the process. Give us a call today and we can come out and help you with any final decisions. Once we know what you want we will get it all installed so that you can start enjoying your patio right away.

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