Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights On Your Roof & Outside Your Home Safely in Laguna Beach, CA

Thanksgiving has come and gone, for those that celebrate Christmas and get into the spirit by displaying the extravagant decorations, hanging the bright lights, and some even go as far as synchronizing it with holiday music to spread the holiday cheer. But what people need to remember, that in doing this tradition, you are working intimately with electricity and it is very important that you apply safety. Always commit to caution and demonstrate respect when handling electricity even with the most simple of devices. With that in mind, we at Peterkin Electric would like to take the opportunity to relate some safety tips and advice to ensure your presentation is exceptional and you stay safe while busy at the task at hand.

How to Hang Christmas Lights on Your Roof Safely

1) Electrical Safety. It is very important you utilize a sturdy ladder during your project. The precarious stunts often seen in the circus or in Hollywood films should stay there. To fasten your intricate string of lights, never use tack, screws, or nails to secure them in place. Keep in mind that it is easier to replace any bulbs on the ground and to minimize the work and climbing efforts; it is optimal to check the lights before ascending to ensure they are working. Don’t forget to optimize your lights with automatic timers or remember to turn them off before heading to bed.
2) Technical Electrical Tips. A ground fault circuit interrupter outlet, commonly referenced as a GFCI outlet, is the most optimal power source. In the event that there is an over current, this specific type of outlet will shut the circuit down. If you do not have GFCI outlets in place, contact Peterkin Electric and let our skilled professional install them to ensure your holiday light show is safe this year and in years to come.
3) Electrical Extension Cord Tips. The general walkway needs to stay clear of obstacles, including extension cords. The extension cords should be tied down to avoid getting tangles in the cords to only trip and fall. Invest in additional extension cords to make sure it is better secured to avoid extension cords and light strings to be so tight they extend off the ground. Ensure your extension cords are marked for outdoor use, and are weatherproof.
4) Use Waterproof or Water Resistant Christmas Lights. There is a plethora of lights with different colors, designs, and features that are available for consumers. A tag marked with underwriters lab (UL), indicates that the lights are waterproof or water-resistant. The American National Standards Institute regulates the markings and the UL allows consumers to know that the lights meet national industry standards. Just like the extension cords, ensure the lights are rated for the outdoor use; never use indoor lights on the exterior of your home.

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When handling electricity, even in the seasonal application of displaying your Christmas lights, it is important your exercise caution. Electricity can be fatal if mishandled. If you are having difficulty with the lights being incorporated with regular power usage call in an expert from Peterkin Electric to conduct a full energy audit service or at least an inspection to find the problem and present you with optimal options.

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