Transient Voltage Power Surge Suppressor (TVPS) & Protectors in Garden Grove, CA

Surge protectors are designed to safeguard sensitive electronics from electrical surges that occur. Common examples include transformer overload and electrical storms, but there are plenty of circumstances that result in power surges that inflict varying degrees of damage to electronic devices. Having these inexpensive aids throughout your home is beyond beneficial and often people don’t realize the importance they carry. As an asset in your home and the lack of many people has concerning surge protectors, we at Peterkin Electric would like to take the time to discuss them.

Transient Voltage Power Surges

When a lightning strike hits your home or surrounding areas, or there is some sort of faulty problems in the electrical equipment stemming from the exterior of your home, a power surge occurs, or also known in the industry as transient voltage. Power surges are fairly common, it frequently occurs in major appliances as they switch on and off or other electrical operations do so. For example, when the air conditioner first turns on, the lights will often flicker or dim. A slight surge occurs when the air conditioner requires the flood of energy to start up. The major issue with repeated surges is that the more sensitive electronics that are plugged in will deteriorate at a faster rate.

What Do Surge Protector Devices Do?

Throughout North America the voltage is set to flow at 120 volts. Some degree of damage is inflicted when the voltage exceeds the limit during a power surge. More damage to the electronics happens when the surges are more intense and the duration lasts longer. To spare your appliances and the electronic devices the damage power surges can inflict, the surge protectors are in place to divert the excess voltage into your home’s grounding line. To provide additional protection from accidental shock as well as the devices from unexpected bursts of electricity the ground line connects to the round prong at the bottom of a three prong electrical plug.

MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor)

The surge protectors are able to perform their function with the assistance of MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor). Inside a surge protecting power strip or adapter is the surge protector’s hot wire and its grounding wire; the MOV is found in between these 2 wires. The MOV has variable electrical resistance allowing for adjustments for incoming voltage that is either too low or too high. The MOV redirects only the excess voltage into the ground wire when the electrical surge is too high, allowing the voltage to dissipate slowly. This ensures the uninterrupted use of the electronics and appliances and continues a safe level of voltage flow.

Whole House Surge Protectors VS Power Strips

Keep in mind that there isn’t a surge protector that is 100% reliable on every power surge occurrence, but any functional surge protector can be beneficial whether it is a minor surge protecting power strip or a whole-home surge protection. It is optimal to create at least two layers of surge protection. Considering that detail; an effective method is needed to divert the surges that originate outside the home from sources like lightning or transformer problems. To increase the defense for the sensitive electronics in addition to that primary layer, consider utilizing surge protecting power strips and adapters.

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