Types of Indoor Home Lighting in Mission Viejo, CA; Ambient, Task, Accent & Other Lights

Without different types of lighting in your home, it wouldn’t be the same place. There are a few types of lighting that make up the lighting system in your home and each of them play key roles. You may not realize how much thought and planning went into the design of your home’s lighting system. Peterkin Electric is here to explain the different types of home lighting and the role they play in the everyday lighting solutions of your home.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the most popular type of lighting found in your home. Ambient lighting is also known as general lighting. This is the lighting system that illuminates your entire home as a whole. You may have also heard ambient lighting referred to as the “natural” lighting found in your home. Ambient lighting is supposed to be as natural and flat as possible which makes it not ideal for completing tasks that require an extra amount of light. This lighting is supposed to illuminate the way for you to navigate your home easily. Different types of ambient lighting might include:
– Track Lighting
– Wall Sconces
– Pendant Lighting & Chandeliers

Task Lighting

When you are working closely on something, you may find that ambient lighting isn’t a sufficient amount of light to get the job done. This is where task lighting comes into play. Task lighting is a more concentrated light to help you get a very focused amount of extra light. You may find that your kitchen is fully equipped with task lighting for those complicated meals you are preparing. Different types of task lighting might include:
– Desk, Floor and Swing Arm Lamps
– Under Cabinet & Vanity Lights
– Pendant or Track Lights

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is another form of concentrated lighting. The purpose of this lighting is to draw focus to something in the room. Accent lighting is a great way to add design and style to your home. While its main purpose is to draw focus to a certain area or object, it can also pull the focus from areas of your home that aren’t quite as interesting and rather dull. Accent lighting is a great way to accentuate interesting architectural elements in your home. It isn’t only used inside your home though; accent lighting is used on the exterior of your home to accent particular design elements in your landscaping and the architecture of your home. Some types of accent lighting might include:
– Wall Lights
– Recessed Lighting & Spot Lighting
– Landscape Lighting

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No matter what lighting you are looking for in your home, the experts at Peterkin Electric can help you use light to make your home beautiful. We can help you design your lighting in a new build as well as retrofit your home during a home remodel. At any rate, you should always be using light to your benefit and enjoy the beauty that it can bring into your home. Call us today!

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