Types of Office, Store & Other Lighting for Commercial Buildings in Fountain Valley, CA

When you are trying to get customers to come to your business and look at purchasing your products it is important to have a well set up space. The commercial space should make sense in the way that it flows as well as how the items are displayed. The easier it is for a customer to see what you have to offer and understand what it is and what it might pair with, the better it will be for your business. One area of the business that you want to make sure you take into account is the lighting. The lighting that is in the space can really be what makes or breaks the overall look and feel. You want to make sure you understand the different options that exist for your commercial space. Peterkin Electric outlines what lighting options are available in your business.

Ceiling Lights

You want to start out with the main lighting for the space. The way that you do that is to make sure that you have good and efficient overhead lights. The lights that are placed overhead are a great way to give the whole space a feeling of openness and welcoming your customers. You want to make sure that the overhead lights are enough that the space looks open to the public when you start the day. These are a great place to start with the lighting but there are other lights if you want to make a major impact on the space itself.

Accent Lighting

When you set up a store and you want to use the main lighting as a start. If you stop at that the whole store will look the same and there is nothing that will draw your eye to particular areas. This is where accent lighting comes into play. The accent lights should be installed in an area that they can light up a more specific area. This might be a display cabinet or a shelf that has some of your best products. The extra burst of light will automatically pull people to that area and this can lead them to purchasing the products. You may also choose to have accent lights installed around the entry of the store and the signage.

Task Lighting

Now that you have drawn some attention to the main areas of the commercial space that you want it is time to focus on the necessary tasks. There are things through the day that the employees will need to be able to do with enough light. It also includes the customers that are coming in the space that need to be able to do a task as well. The task lights are best used over a desk area where the manager may need to do the scheduling and conflicts. You also may want to have task lights installed near makeup tables or changing rooms as well.

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