Urgent! Signs You Need a 24 Hour Emergency Electrician for Wiring Services in Anaheim, CA

In homes, it is safe to say that people depend on their electrical systems to be readily available as they need it. Getting along without power from short intervals is tolerable and an inconvenience, but more than that can be problematic as the food supply in the refrigerator/freezer can spoil and anyone who need to store medicines in cool temperatures can really run into problems without power. The power is needed to make the temperatures comfortable inside homes, whether the California weather requires the A/C or Heating system. In some instances, people rely on the medical equipment in their home and when the power fails, it can be life and death serious. Once the power is lost, it is unpredictable how long it will be out, it can last moments, minutes, hours, days, even weeks. Any type of burning or smoking smells that coincide from power outage can indicate hazardous electrical fires, making the situation direr. Unless it is obvious, it can be hard for homeowners to decide whether or not they need an emergency electrician to help them with a problem. With that in mind, we at Peterkin Electric would like to offer some insight as to why your Orange County, California home may need emergency electrician services.

When an Electrician Isn’t Urgent

Before calling for an emergency electrician, unless the signs are painfully obvious, take these steps listed below.
1) To know whether it is just your home experiencing power loss, check outside in the neighborhood, especially the next-door neighbors, to see if they are having a power outage as well. In the event the neighbors and/or neighborhood has a power outage as well, your utility provider is likely experiencing technical difficulties. To learn the details, call the city utility company.
2) Go to your main circuit breaker and reset it if you discover your home is the only one in the area having a power outage. If resetting the main breaker does not restore your power, call emergency electrician services from Peterkin Electric.

When to Call for Emergency Electrical Service

If any of the following apply to your situation, call for an emergency electrician immediately:
Outlets Sparking or Smoking: If any outlets spark or smoke, there is a serious a problem and this is generally the start of an electrical fire. Account for the following if your outlet is sparking or smoking:
– Do NOT touch the smoking outlet. Touching it will not only burn you with the excessive heat, but it is likely having an electrical surge, and should anyone make contact with it, it can cause electrician.
– Get to the main circuit breaker quickly and as long as there is no smoke or damage present, turn it off. Should there be signs of damage or smoke emitting from the circuit breaker, do not attempt to turn it off and immediately evacuate the home.
– Before calling for an electrician, call the fire department 1st and wait for them to take care of the problem.
– Once the fire department cleared you, call for an emergency electrical service.
HVAC Systems Ceases to Operate: Though Orange County does not typically have brutal winters, it can still get fairly cold, and the summer heat can be especially intense; especially for small children and the elderly. If the HVAC system has no issues but the power is still not effective, call emergency services.
After Hours: Electrical problems do not happen during convenient business hours. When you run into the problems when the normal hours are over and you need help before the business hours resume, most companies have an emergency number they can be reached out for assistance.

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