Electrical Home Energy Saving & Safety Myths in Laguna Woods, CA; Turning On & Off Lights & More

Trying to conserve energy, whether your ulterior motive is to save money, the planet, or both, many homeowners are trying to do their part. However, in an effort to save energy, many folks are following myths they heard from a friend or picked up along the way and as a result, their goals are impeded. Today, we at Peterkin Electric would like to list these myths and set the record straight.

Electrical Myths & Facts

Myth: Setting the thermostat at 85 degrees will cost you less than turning off the A/C when you are gone for the day and try to cool it when you are home.
Fact: It actually costs you less to cool down your home after having the A/C off instead of having it set higher than normal. Typically, cooling your home down from 85 degrees rather than 98 degrees is more comfortable however. Switch it off when you are going to be away for more than 2 hours to conserve energy and with programmable or smart thermostats, you can program it to shut off and start cooling an hour or 3 prior to getting home to avoid discomfort but save energy.
Myth: When compared in identical electronic devices, those with 240v uses more energy than the one equipped with 120v.
Fact: Watt hours is what energy companies charge you for, not volts. Despite the voltage use, both devices use the same number of watts.
Myth: You use more energy that surges a powered down device to the on position than just leaving run when not in use.
Fact: When powering on a computer for the day, the amount of energy required is minimally consumed, for example. Leaving a computer run all night, however, can easily add up in dollars as opposed to pennies from power it on from the off position.
Myth: Turning a light on from the off position, uses more energy than just leaving it on.
Fact: Despite contrary belief, flickering the lights on and off does not increase the power bill, but leaving them will slowly increase the consumption and cost. If your goal is to save energy, turn off the lights when you are not using them.
Myth: The usage or cost is not impacted by poor or faulty wiring.
Fact: Much like leaky airducts leaking air you paid to cool before it gets dispersed into the usable space, poor wiring leaks electricity before you actually use it, essentially paying for energy you are not using.
Myth: Electronic devices powered off will not use any energy.
Fact: Where the device will not use as much as energy off as it will on, simply having it plugged in will draw in minimal energy. If you want to save energy, completely unplug the devices not in use, or invest in several power sticks that can be easily switched off when they are not being used.
Myth: Set the thermostat on extreme settings to expedite the heating or cooling a building to save energy costs.
Fact: Cranking the a/c way low or the heat way high does not accelerate the process at all. In this scenario, all you are doing is straining your HVAC system and increasing the energy costs that are being wasted.

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To save energy in your home, consider motion sensor exterior lights, installing ceiling fans in the home to enhance the HVAC system, and upgrade to LED lights. For additional tips and advice as well quality electrical services, call on the experts of Peterkin Electric and let our qualified electricians assist you.

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