When Does a House Need Electrical Rewiring & What are the Benefits of Upgrading in Laguna Hills, CA?

Keeping the electrical system in your home in proper condition is an important part of being a homeowner. Your home might need to be rewired to make sure it’s a safe place to live and the electrical components are compliant with current regulations. When an electrical system is faulty or unsafe it can lead to life-threatening injuries and can pose a fire hazard. You must keep an eye on the age and condition of your electrical system so you will know when something doesn’t seem right.

How Disruptive is Rewiring a House?

The electrical cables in your home run through the walls and under the floors. That means that your walls will need to be drilled into and the floors will need to be lifted. This can be a messy and disruptive process. If you are renovating your home, complete the rewire at the same time you do any plumbing work and before any cosmetic work is done. You can expect the following:
• New cables will be installed
• New back boxes will be fitted onto sockets and switches
• Power and lighting circuits will be rewired
• Telephone and television circuits will be rewired
• The addition of more sockets, light fixtures and switches, if needed
• Modern technology will be added, if needed
The process is completed in two phases. The first stage will replace the cabling wiring circuits and back boxes. The second phase includes the installation of light fixtures and faceplates on sockets and switches. All the wires will then be connected to the consumer unit to ensure everything is live.

What are the Benefits of Rewiring a House?

If you discover that you need to rewire your home, it can be an investment but one that comes with benefits. Investing in a safer electrical system is the greatest benefit of rewiring your home, but there are also functional benefits as well.
• Rewiring reduces the risk of electrical fire
• You can be sure that your home is compliant with electrical regulations
• It will increase the value of your home
• You can choose where new sockets and switches go
• You can choose new fixtures and fittings
• You can install smart technology
• You can ensure your home is more energy efficient

When Does a House Need Rewiring?

While there is no exact time frame for rewiring, it should be done if your home is more than 25 years old. Your home should be inspected every 10 years by a licensed electrician. You may need to have your home rewired sooner is the system becomes unsafe or you have made significant alterations or additions to your wiring. Other sings you need rewiring include:
• Fuses that keep blowing
• Buzzing or crackling noises
• A burning smell
• Lights that flicker constantly
• Discoloration around sockets and plugs
• Wires that have rubber, fabric or lead cabling insulation
• If you have an old-fashioned fuse box with a wooden back and white ceramic fuses

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