How Can I Add More Lighting to a Room in San Juan Capistrano, CA; Overhead Light to Bedroom & More

Here at Peterkin Electric we regularly get calls from customers that want to add more lighting inside their homes. As we visit with our customers there are some common reasons that they want to have extra lighting installed. There are also some common places that people will add lighting. We thought we would spend some time today talking about these common reasons and places that our customers frequently add lighting too.

Do Bedrooms Need an Overhead Light?

When you are looking for a home you may not notice that some of the bedrooms do not have overhead lighting in them. Many people look at homes during the day when there is not a reason to turn the lights on. Or maybe you did know that there were no light but you thought lamps would add enough lighting to the rooms for you. After you move in you may realize that the lack of lighting in the bedrooms makes you crazy! If this happens to you a quick phone call to Peterkin Electric can solve the problem! Adding overhead lighting to your bedrooms is a simple project that we can complete without any problems. Once the overhead lighting is installed you will be amazed at how much brighter and happier the room is. Statistics show that depression and anxiety decrease and happiness increases when you have more lighting in your home.

What Kind of Light Goes in an Entryway?

Many homes do not have much lighting in their entryways. This can be extremely frustrating because your entryway helps make the first impression of your home as friends and family enter into your home. When it is dark outside no one wants to come into your home and still not be able to see adequately. Adding some extra lighting or installing a prettier light fixture in your entryway can truly help make such a huge different in your home.

Install Coach Lights

Coach lights are the lights that are found on your front porch or on the walls right next to your garage door. Coach lights provide lighting for the exterior of your home. Sometimes people have a hard time deciding that coach lights are even what they are looking for until we come out and talk to them. They will describe that they hate how the outside of their home is so dark at night. It is not until we point out that they do not currently have coach lights out front that they know what they want us to install. It is kind of like when you look at a women’s face and think she looks just beautiful and so put together. Many times part of what makes her look so beautiful is that her eyebrows are shaped perfectly but that is not the first thing that you would have listed about what made her look so stunning.

Add Lighting to Landscape

Another common place to install lighting is outside in your landscaping. Landscaping lighting can take your well-manicured yard and help it make a statement even when the sun is down. There are many different types of lights that can be added to your landscaping that will help give it the look that you are envisioning.

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No matter what type of lighting you want to add to your home Peterkin Electric can help you complete the project. We love coming out and helping you make your house into the home of your dreams. Call us today!

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