When to Replace Light Switches in Huntington Beach, CA; Faulty Switch Symptoms & More

Often homeowners never consider the need to replace their home’s light switches unless they want modern lighting control or dimmer switches installed. However, light switches can wear out or get damaged over time and will eventually require the need to be replaced. Peterkin Electric would like to share how light switches work, why they need to be replaced from time to time and signs your light switches need replacing.

How Does a Light Switch Work?

When your home is wired, non-metallic sheathed cables are used to supply and control the flow of power to a home. The cables are run from a fuse box to the various switches and outlets throughout the home. The light switches help control the flow of the power, restricting it from running through certain cables such as lights or even outlets. To most people light switches simply turn on and off their lights. However, the process of controlling energy can eventually take its toll on the light switches. Light switches can burn out, or simply break internally. Obviously it is essential that the light switches are working correctly. They need to be able to control the flow of power and work properly, providing light during the night time hours.

Faulty Light Switch Symptoms

There are many indicators that a light switch requires replacement. Some signs are more obvious than others. Here are some of the basic signs a light switch needs to be replaced.
• Exterior damage is one of the more obvious. When a light switch gets slammed or broken, the light switch needs to be replaced. This isn’t just for looks, but for safety. If any metal or internal components are showing, the possibility of electrical shocks can occur. Make sure damaged light switches get replaced to ensure proper safety.
• When you flip the light switch, and nothing turns on, you have another obvious problem. However, it could also be due to the connections. Perhaps they are not secured correctly. The wiring connection can disconnect in one of two places. One is at the light switch and the other at the light fixture. An electrical shock can occur from improper wiring connections that can burn out the light switch or the light fixture. More dangerously, it can also cause fires. If the light switch fails to turn on the light, check the connection or replace the light switch.
• If you flip on the light switch and you detect a burning smell you have another sign there is a problem. Burning smells are never good in the electrical world. If you smell a burning odor when you flip on a light switch, turn it off quickly and have an electrician come out and inspect the wiring and other electrical systems.

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Most people don’t realize how important light switches are to a home. They provide light control and safety. As simple as they might be, they do require maintenance and/or replacement over time. If your home’s light switches are experiencing problems, or require replacement, contact Peterkin Electric. We provide electrical service to both residential and commercial property. We can ensure proper electrical efficiency. Contact Peterkin Electric today!

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