Working Principles of Glowing Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lights in Newport Beach, CA

Diodes are a semi-conductor device that limits current flow to only one direction. They act similar to a check valve in plumbing applications. Found in automotive alternators they limit the current to pass only in one direction. Diodes in effect, filter the alternating current from the alternator, allowing the current to pass in only one direction, supplying a DC current matching the vehicles electrical system including recharging the battery.

How Do LED Lights Glow?

LED’s glow when the current is passed through them producing illumination. LED’s are directional, meaning the only radiate in a single direction. To reproduce a typical incandescent or compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) the LED’s are arranged in an array to mimic non-directional lighting. LED’s do not produce white, daylight light. Phosphor coatings or red, green and blue lights in combination will produce white light.

LED VS CFL or Incandescent

LED’s use about a fifth or less electrical power, as 800 lumen LED uses only 10.5 watts to produce the equivalent 60 watt incandescent light output. As a power savings regimen progressive LED replacement will eventually replace all CFL and incandescent bulbs. Being more expensive than their alternatives LED’s should more than pay for themselves over time. Less power consumption with life times upwards of 50,000 hours, our under regular usage about 20 years, make LED the best long term replacement, and unlike CFL’s no mercury contaminations.

LED Degradation Over Time

LED output will degrade over time and the color may shift. LED life is based on a 30% depreciation of output. Since LED’s don’t burn out like other bulbs they require a heat sink. As the LED work their heat is absorbed by a heat sink and then dissipated over time.

LED Applications

LED’s cover a vast array of light applications from flashlights to commercial lighting. LED’s are everywhere, like the red, green and blue lights on computers and other appliances. Many of the older lamps required the shades to clamp to the bulb. CFL’s where not adaptable to older lamps because of their spiral shape. But LED’s are shaped light the tradition bulb. For the garage or shop LED’s are available in shop lights resembling the long tube fluorescent lighting. Some are a little pricey but offer long lasting ‘no-flicker’ lighting. A four foot bulb will burn 36 watts and putout 3200 lumens and save over 43% in power consumption over the two bulb 4 foot 32 watt fluorescent lighting equivalent. You can get LED strips for decorative lighting that can be cut to length. Makes craft and decorative project lighting a breeze and LED light strips open up many options for under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. As with the kitchen the low voltage LED lighting provide safe lighting in the bathroom and bedroom. LED’s light bars and fixtures are available for off road truck and SUV’s providing low drain long life lighting, on trail or highway.

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So in considering your lighting needs look to the LED, higher initial cost for long term savings and reliability. Building a new home? Look to LED’s, spread out the upfront costs by replacing bulbs with LED equivalents. For your lighting needs contact Peterkin Electric we would be glad to assist you in aiding you in your lighting deliberations.

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